WHERE did my fitness go?

After a long hiatus called child bearing+birthing+rearing I have bitten the bullet and re-joined the gym. It has been something that I have been SERIOUSLLY ‘umm-ing’ and mulling over for the last 6 months! Yep – I know that sounds like a LONG time to make a decision but really I could not justify the payments. I mean, I AM earning less these days (as I am not at work fulltime at the moment) and after we pay for all the necessities + baby needs and a few little bits and pieces for myself (nowhere near as many “bits & pieces” I used to get myself) I just DON’T have the heart to ask hubby to pay for gym membership too. So alas my fitness came a close second to new clothes and I elected to not join… until now.

After MUCH thought I decided that I really, really AM not liking my body the way it is since I had lil missy. Don’t get me wrong – I know that I am really fortunate and am grateful that whilst my body has changed, I haven’t put on that much weight but I literally HATE my midsection – I DISPISE how ‘thick’ I feel I am in the tummy region. I know that I am my own worst critic – hubby is often telling me to not be so hard on myself; that I look great (bless him) and that I need to realise that I am going to look different as I have had a baby but I can’t help it. I think its worse because I was little pre-pregnancy so that now when I see how things have changed I seriously beat myself up about it.

But anyway – here we are; baby almost a year old and I have finally joined a gym near my place. Don’t get me wrong; I really liked Fernwood (my old gym) fitness, but I needed to go to a gym that was:
A) Closer to home
B) Cheaper
C) Cheaper
So I joined Bailey’s Fitness; So far they seem ok – I needed something that had classes as whilst I don’t mind jumping on a treadmill/bike/other equipment, I really do enjoy going to classes….


I went to my first ‘not-really-my-first’ Zumba class on Saturday morning. I left hubby with a sleeping baby and instructions for when she wakes up.

WHERE, WHERE did my fitness go? WHERE?

I’d been doing quite a few (read: A LOT!) pelvic floor exercises post baby and had been pretty happy with the results until I realised by the end of the warm up ‘jumpathon’ that I was about ready to wet myself! Thankfully all went ok in that area by the end of the class, however after the hour I was beginning to think an angina was imminent. Let’s not even get me started on how unco-ordinated I was through the whole class! It’s as though lil missy took all my rhythm – VERY sad! Especially when I think about how much rhythm and co-ordination I usually have! i used to be able to dance the night away; do a Zumba class AND then head over and do 45 minutes worth of cardio. Really, if i wasn’t at the back of the class wheezing in agony i would have cried! I am hoping that this ‘issue’ is short term and that once I get through a couple classes I’ll get my groove back and not look so tragic!

One can only hope…

In the meantime I woke up Sunday with sore hamstrings and very tender arms! AND I have a personal training session tomorrow (Wednesday) morning – EEEKK! If I thought I was nervous for Zumba I am even more nervous for this PT session as there will seriously be no place to hide!

Wish me luck people….

My mother in law… the perve!

The other day I went to Zumba – lets not talk about the fact that it was the second one in 2 days and that I am now stoically sore. I introduced Mr A’s mum (we’ll call her Mrs T since her name does start with a ‘T’) to the joys of Zumba. With the cautionary warning of “bring water” and do not expect to be at the pace of the instructors and that you are in agony after 10 minutes just keep moving I felt that she was ready – after all this was woman who was excited to go and claimed that as she was an avid aerobic bunny of the Jane Fonda era that this was right up her ally!

It was a different location to the one Susi and I normally go to and had a different instructor – as per my usual Wednesday class it was packed (clearly it is not a lie when the infomercial claims that Zumba is sweeping the nation!); and there was a regular face from the night before! On the Wednesday night there was a Latino guy there taking our cash when we walked in –and here he was again taking our money and signing off the people. Hmm – actually now that I think about it, I wonder if his sole purpose is to provide an additional level of authentic – what with Zumba orgins being Latino and all?

Anyway he remembered me and was nice and smiley (i am sure there was nothing in it) – the class started and instead of just being in the back like he was on the Wednesday the guy was moving around. Making sure everyone was ok, getting in on the class and busting a move… he stand in front of (but between) myself and Mrs T… just as we’re doing these pelvic thrust moves and I must admit that the thought had crossed my mind that the guy was more than a little agile and did have a rather nice looking butt (but i totally kept it to myself)…. We’re about to move onto another move and he is about to move onto another part of the room when Mrs T says:

“No, no – you need to stay right in front me… just so I can watch you and know that I am moving right!”

And let me NOW tell you what move we were doing folks: the bum wiggling, round and round, shake what your mama gave ya move!

So there he was – moving his butt in these perfect circles – who knew that my mother in law was a perve!


I got home Wednesday night sweaty… sweaty and tired but satisfied!

I woke up on the Thursday morning to get “up & at ’em” for work and ‘lo
and behold I was sore… not in the ‘I need to crawl my way to the bathroom because standing hurts too much’ kinda way but more in the “oh – I don’t remember that hurting yesterday!”

I’ve actually been (trying) to make positive strides in the proactive
positive thoughts regarding exercise and I think that overall things are coming along well; Mr A me, Susi and her boyfriend have been regularly working out with Susi’s sister and where in the beginning I will admit to going VERY begrudgingly I only woke up sore after the first training – then (thankfully) all has been well! In some sick and (very?) twisted way I sort of enjoy it now!

BUT now – about my Zumba class:
I enjoyed it IMMENSLY! Susi and I are intending to go twice a week. I will say that there were moments where I felt that there was a slight “cult-like” feeling to it (as we moved our arms around to this one track
where the word Zumba sounded slightly like a trance-like chant). But all in all I really liked it!

Our instructor was lovely – a very nice blond American woman. It costs $10 per session with the session lasting an hour. And seriously – when she starts the music it does NOT stop! That night there would have been about 25 ‘participants’ of which most lingered towards the back… which meant Susi and I were in the front (eek!). Its been SO long since I have done any dancing (as Mr A cannot dance – at all… seriously – the guy has very, very rhythmic ability – very sad indeed!) as since Mr A abstains I too have had dancing absent in my life.

Alas standing in the front (right in front) of the instructor and (in front of) wall-to-wall mirrors as well as being next to someone who currently regularly goes to Latin dance classes (ahem – Susi!) did nothing for my lost rhythm – I have NO idea where it went… but I do hope I get it back soon.

That being said, soreness aside I was mighty chuffed with my ability to persevere! I went home exhausted and allowed myself a salad and nice cold sliced mango for dessert. There was no way I was going to ruin my workout with a heavy meal + carbs + ice-cream; they would be no point then!

So I hope and pray that within a few weeks (based on a continuance of my current ‘regime’) that I will see fantastic results in both a return of my rhythm and new and improved lithe body!

Fingers crossed!

It’s all about the Zumba!

Tomorrow i am hoping to take myself to the next level…today though I am heading off to little training session with my bestie, Mr A and the bestie’s other half at Kings Park. Susi’s sister is training us as she is but moments away from being a personal trainer!

And although i will leave this evening in agony, wheezing and dispondant with my agonised body (as my mind seems to think that i am fitter than what i am) i am going to put myself through FURTHER torture tomorrow by going to…. A Zumba class!

Aside from the ad’s i’ve seen on tv i don’t actually know anything else about it… So i guess we’ll see – i’ll give you the update then!