Oh how things (unknowingly) change…

This afternoon Mr A took a candid photo of me getting ready in the bathroom – it was purely him being a tool and not something i want the blogsphere to see. BUT in saying that, i scarily noticed the “slight” shift in what was on my bathroom table.

I – like most girls like to look my best. I (as a rule) do like some luxuries – some, not many – just a few to make me fell a lil special and let Mr A feel like his with a lil princess… without being high maintenance. I love MOR’s body butter – i am completely and utterly devoted to their Pomegranate line and insist that NO OTHER BRAND DOES IT BETTER! Every other day i apply the MOR butter on my entire body – i alternate between that and Nivea Q10 Body lotion (simply because i like it – yes, i may have been suckered into the marketing about Q10 but it is grossly cheaper than the MOR body butter). I cleanse (with Garnier Pure – i have oily skin), tone (with Lush tea-tree mist) and moisturise (Olay Special Effects – i mean they DO say that it fights the 7 seven sign of aging – who am i to argue with these statistics??) twice a day. I include a primer (because it is a crime NOT to prime) into my morning repotire (Model Co/Rimmel – I alternate) and bless the person that came up with powder mineral foundation! On nights out i ‘luxe’ it up a bit and use Bourjois’ Mousse Matte mineral liquid foundation….

And then things slowly started to change… In the search of trying to find make-up that would keep my shiny face NOT being shiny without having to touch up every other hour I scoured the web and makeup artists I knew to see what they recommended. I trawled websites for hours and reviews from http://www.beautyheaven.com.au/ to http://www.makeupalley.com/, Bubblegarm and ever so simply Googling “great photography make-up”. My quest led me to try and locate online stores that sold these products so that I could do it all at the touch of my fingertips – I went into Myers and David Jones on the hunt for new products – I was so ardent in my search that I am still unabated until I am certain that I have found the perfect combination that WILL render me speechless… as well as flawlessly oily-less.

And this is what I noticed… I am now no longer a mid-range gal.

Priceline was my one stop shop – it was my fortnightly essential location… now, whilst there is still a strong desire to go there regularly I notice I am racking up less points… First it was the discovery of MAC’s Prep & Prime… SOOOO much better than the Model Co and the Rimmel – alas those 2 sit now in the back of the drawer. Then came the end of the little pot of MAC Matte Gel which they gave me to sample… I begrudgingly had to admit defeat and proclaim that I DID like it… and had to buy said tube. Next was my change from Olay Special Effects moisturizer to Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel – my heart both soared and plummeted as it mattifed my face to pure perfection and required only ONE touch up at the end of my work day!!!! And then today came MAC’s Studio Fix… with the quiet intention of me returning to the MAC counter next week to get the matching liquid foundation! I forgot to mention that I am secretly hoping to try MAC’s “Mineralize” Oh the shame of it all… that THIS is what I have become now… That whilst I lament at the additional costs that i KNOW that this will create i am inspired by the sheer awesomeness of said products! That even as i type this i am wondering when i will next be able to steal a moment and try Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light as i hear it is fantastic for photos!

The oh so WORRYING thing is that when I mentioned to Mr A how much MORE this up keep would cost I thought he would tell me that I was dreaming; that this would be a ‘one-off’ and that post wedding party my skin and bauty regime would return to my once coveted L’Oreal but no – the guy LOVES it… I cannot believe how strange he is!

For the ladies out there – what is your makeup splurge?

PS I “forgot” to mention that i am slowly (but surely) overhauling my makeup brushes – meaning i have purchased a newer better Kabuki brush and am now aquiring more brushes than you can throw a brush at! Hehe

Summery green dress!

I think a little ‘boo-boo’ was made yesterday! I went to this denim fashion warehouse sale and bought a summery maxi-dress! Yes, yes – I know that I said that winter was upon us here in Australia and that I was more than happy purchasing winter apparel. But it was a sale and I had to see what I could get…

Anyway, all items were on racks that had price points on top of them with each item individually priced. I tried on these pair of jeans where the price point said $50 but were actually marked down from $349 to $69 so obviously the price point was a ‘from’ amount. So – back to the dress; I tried it on because last summer (just gone) I lived in my maxi-dress! Mr A loved my maxi-dress!!! I felt like this carefree hippy-chic with my maxi dress…

It’s green and purple and looked glorious! It’s designer dress AND (this was the clincher) it was the perfect length! I didn’t even need to get it taken up! If you saw how compact I am you would realise how rare a find this is!!! I can wear my jewelled flats and not be cleaning the ground! Well; obviously I had to buy it didn’t I? I saw the sign above where I had found the dress that was marked $20 and thought “oh my god!!! I am meant to own this dress!!!! I don’t even need to use eftpos as I have exactly $20 in my purse right now!”

So I went to the cashier (who I still cannot be sure was male or female… ‘it’ looked far, far too androgynous for me to ascertain) and handed over my $20 with a smile:

Cashier: Oh… have they been further reduced to $20?

Me: I got it from over there (I pointed to the rack) and the sign says $20 (handed him/her the $20 note)

Cashier: oh ok (*shrugs shoulders* and puts dress through at $20)

So I walked out and got into the car… after a few minutes Mr A asked to see the dress (as he had only seen it as I was paying for it as there was a momentary debate where he said that as he was the man he should be paying for it…) – imagine my surprise when the tag read:

$189 reduced to $69

Oops! Seriously – I did feel a little bad… but it’s not entirely my fault that they don’t mark the prices above the items correctly/clearly!  

Oh well – clearly it was a double bargain for me!