The baby that won’t sleep

What’s happened to my baby? She’s now eight weeks and the last two days have been chaotic!

I blame the “festive” season & the heat here in Aussieland… Our place sadly has no air-conditioning; which seemed an ok money saver when we were building but now we’re in the house & summer has arrived it has NOT been fun for hubby (strangely I deal better with the heat – hubby is certain this is because of my “desert people” heritage!) and now with baby I must admit I feel terrible for her… Especially since she can’t seem to get a decent sleep unless she’s swaddled (have you tried to swaddle a baby in 40degree Celsius heat?).

So, back to the baby – for the last week any semblance of “routine” has been thrown out the window… Hubby’s been off from work & likes to go out so that already affects lil Amira’s routine with me, then there was Christmas day (+night) at my inlaws which meant a SERIOUS disturbance to her sleep structure… Then boxing day at my mothers then dinner that night at the inlaws, then there were other get togethers we had to attend & let’s not get me started on the new years+birthday party we had to attend…

And now I am back at square one again I feel… With a baby who I’ll have to go through the “cry it out” method for a bit as over the last week she’s been molly- coddled by everyone who goes “Ooohhh isn’t she cute?” and wants to touch & hold… *sigh*

Then yesterday I noticed that getting her down in the daytime was beginning to NOT happen… Like, three quarters of the day from 9am to 8pm was spent with her being awake… Is this normal? Shouldn’t she be sleeping more? Isn’t that why they say it’s ‘eat, play + sleep’ not eat, play, eat, play etc… Seriously it’s enough to make me run from the house in frustration! To make me really test my patience my mum will continuously call me during the day… At first I tried answering each call – thinking that maybe if I DID speak to her once a day she’d be satisfied, but then she’d be like “oh, I’ll talk to you later on this afternoon ok?” to “come over again tomorrow with the baby…” to “why don’t you & the baby sleep over sometime” to her wanting to talk to me 3-4 times during the day… I mean what ELSE is there to talk about? And just because I’m officially not at work doesn’t mean I have nothing to do – I have a bloody newborn baby to contend with!

So – if anyone has any advice or hope for me; especially in relation to daytime no sleeping baby I would VERY MUCH appreciate it!

Ying, Yang & Medication

I had an early night last night after popping some Demezin night-time capsules and some vitamins (Mr A is all about natural medication) and I had the deepest sleep. It’s really one more piece of evidence to demonstrate that we are each other’s ying and yang; I am the person who believes that if you’re sick you take medication – have the flu? Go take some flu meds and get an early night! Have a headache? Go pop 2 Neurofen or Advil and let’s see how you feel in half an hour! If you’re unwell I believe that you still have to eat – regardless of how much you don’t have an appetite for food… On the flipside Mr A will think that Echinacea will help rid you of your flu and drinking lots of fluid and a rest will cure your headache! Thankfully he understands that meds are not evil and is more than happy for me to marry pharmaceutical meds with vitamins! He hates to eat when he’s sick but is (more than) fine to take meds once an hour or so has lapsed and the natural alternatives have not done anything to alleviate his ailments!

So last night before my early night I had 5 vitamins, some herbal ‘stuff’ + night-time old & flu tablets and lots of water!

I called my mum and said goodnight – she didn’t recognise my voice because I sounded so different!

I was in bed about 8ish (pm obviously)….

I slept like a log! It was SUCH a deep sleep!

I awoke with my body feeling a good 30 to 40 years older… intense aches and pains… and sluggish…


No locked nose!

No watery eyes!

No sore, heavy head!

A hot shower later and the 2 daytime cold & flu tablets + the vitamins and I was all good to go…

To work!

Oh well!