Conversation with “The Man”

Sorry I’ve been a little bit absent in the last month. In fact come to think of it i cannot actually believe that a WHOLE month has come and gone and i have not written anything! In actually there have been a few things have going on but as its been a little bit of a whirlwind few weeks I haven’t really had much of a chance to stop and write it all down and post it! I know it’s terrible… but let’s move on shall we?

In the last few weeks Mr A and I have been tossing up about heading abroad sometime next year. We’re wondering if we should perhaps head off to Europe with his parents (as they are going next year for his Dad’s 60th birthday – its a surprise so don’t tell him!) or someplace different… the rationale is we are thinking that inshallah we want to look at start trying to start a family so maybe we should get the BIG trip outta the way? Personally I’ve done the whole Mediterranean and Europe experience and much prefer sandy beaches and relaxation – but Mr A hasn’t been to Europe.

And then one day last week I get a VERY interesting call while I’m at work:

Mr A: I was looking online at places we could go – how about maybe Africa? Or Cairo?

Me: Oooohhh – Egypt would be lovely! I’ve actually not been there – it would be fantastic!

Mr A: No – ugh; why don’t you listen to me – i said CAIRO!

Me: yeeeesss (thinking *what does HE mean?*) – I know – Cairo is IN Egypt!

Mr A: NO! Cairo is in AFRICA!

Me: yes babe – Cairo is the capital of Egypt – it IS in the continent of Africa

Mr A: Sweetie; Egyptians are Arabs –

Me: yes babe – they speak Arabic and are recognised as Arabs but it is located in Africa…

*I start to hear clicking in the background of the call…*

Mr A: i JUST ‘Googled’ it – Cairo is the capital of Egypt… you were right.

And in my mind i sat there thinking: AND DON’T YOU BLOODY WELL FORGET IT!

Me: oh well – I guess i was just better in Geography than you were sweetie – when we get home can we have that sticky date pudding that you make so well?

See – now he feels all ‘capable again! Seriously – my man is TOOOOO cute!

I’m Back!

We got back on Friday afternoon – it was such a blissful 2 weeks; warm, sunny lazy days spent by the pool. Walking from Seminyak down to Kuta almost everyday and then back to our hotel. We did HEAPS of walking; I cannot begin to tell you how amazed we both were at the amounts of walking we did…

The hotel was FANTASTIC – we stayed at The Breezes, the staff were lovely and friendly and really helpful.

Mr A and I arranged a few activities (meaning Mr A told me what he wanted to do and I arranged the activities!) that involved white water rafting (this was purely a Mr A idea – but by the end of it, although we were all wet and tired I loved it!), buggying (through muddy tracks and through 3 local villages) which I think Mr A was entertained at his “how muddy and dirty can I get my mrs?” challenge! Needless to say we finished this VERY dirty indeed – and by “we” I mean primarily me!

The BEST excursion was when we both went to see (and swim with!!!!!!) the dolphins… in the next couple of days i’ll write more about the antics we got up to and pop on some photos of us and our trip as soon as i download them to my computer (I have scheduled it in for this Saturday!)

Stay tuned folks… and before i forget: THANKS for ALL the wellwishes (for said trip) and your visits here in my absence!

Mum’s trip = my holiday

I’ve planned mum’s trip and told her the details… and gotten into an argument with her about what I will be doing whilst she is away.

Apparently I am not meant to do anything that will kill her; when I asked her to explain what she was talking about she said that I am not stupid and that I know what would kill her.

Then in the same conversation she tells me about this lady she had made friends with who apparently has a good looking son and that this lady thought my photo looked lovely and that they should set us up… what the??? I told mum that I was not interested in getting ‘set up’ as I already have a fiancé and that I didn’t remember reading that women were allowed to have 4 husbands (otherwise I would be more than happy to oblige her!). Well – as you can imagine that little joke went down like a lead balloon!

I told mum that whatever decision I was making and intended to make in the very not too distant future that I hope to do so before Ramadan and that contrary to her belief she was not dying (although in saying that aren’t we all essentially dying?) and that she would not be having a heart attack.

I told her that her going overseas was NOT me wanting to do ‘stuff’ behind her back but rather that I was tired of her going on (and on and on and on and on and ON) about being lonely and that she had no-one and that the house was scary because it was quiet and that she would die alone because I wasn’t there, that when I was growing p she never left me alone and now she could not believe what I was doing, etc. so that essentially sending her OS worked on numerous levels:

A) She won’t be alone (as there will always be someone at my uncles place; he has 4 young children + his wife, my aunt is currently there; my cousin and his 6 kids + wife are coming to visit from Doha (Qatar) and that failing all those people there is the maid)

B) She will be insanely close to the mosque so she can come and go as she pleases

C) She will be close to her friends and family

D) She will be far enough away from me that I will actually miss her enough to want to look after her and make sure she’s ok

E) I will not have her giving me 15 missed calls to tell me something really ‘important’ when really it’s not that important as clearly I was not in a car accident that you saw in the news because the accident happened at 12.30pm and I would have been at work (the other details included that the accident happened over east and I am in Western Australia and that none of the cars involved were red or my make/model type!)

F) That I will not feel guilty during the month of Ramadan that my mum will be having sahur (eating before sunrise) and footoor (opening fast just after sunset) by herself as I must admit that when I think about it I do feel terrible about that!

G) When Eid rolls around I will be comfortable in going to the mosque with Mr A as apparently my mum did not want him to come with us (although now she is taking it back saying that she said no such thing and that if Mr A wanted to go to the mosque he has a car to drive himself and that why would he be going to the same mosque as both of us when there are other mosques available to him?).

Hmm – I wonder what she’ll be thinking/saying/screaming/crying when I tell her about me heading off to Melbourne?