Oh how things (unknowingly) change…

This afternoon Mr A took a candid photo of me getting ready in the bathroom – it was purely him being a tool and not something i want the blogsphere to see. BUT in saying that, i scarily noticed the “slight” shift in what was on my bathroom table.

I – like most girls like to look my best. I (as a rule) do like some luxuries – some, not many – just a few to make me fell a lil special and let Mr A feel like his with a lil princess… without being high maintenance. I love MOR’s body butter – i am completely and utterly devoted to their Pomegranate line and insist that NO OTHER BRAND DOES IT BETTER! Every other day i apply the MOR butter on my entire body – i alternate between that and Nivea Q10 Body lotion (simply because i like it – yes, i may have been suckered into the marketing about Q10 but it is grossly cheaper than the MOR body butter). I cleanse (with Garnier Pure – i have oily skin), tone (with Lush tea-tree mist) and moisturise (Olay Special Effects – i mean they DO say that it fights the 7 seven sign of aging – who am i to argue with these statistics??) twice a day. I include a primer (because it is a crime NOT to prime) into my morning repotire (Model Co/Rimmel – I alternate) and bless the person that came up with powder mineral foundation! On nights out i ‘luxe’ it up a bit and use Bourjois’ Mousse Matte mineral liquid foundation….

And then things slowly started to change… In the search of trying to find make-up that would keep my shiny face NOT being shiny without having to touch up every other hour I scoured the web and makeup artists I knew to see what they recommended. I trawled websites for hours and reviews from http://www.beautyheaven.com.au/ to http://www.makeupalley.com/, Bubblegarm and ever so simply Googling “great photography make-up”. My quest led me to try and locate online stores that sold these products so that I could do it all at the touch of my fingertips – I went into Myers and David Jones on the hunt for new products – I was so ardent in my search that I am still unabated until I am certain that I have found the perfect combination that WILL render me speechless… as well as flawlessly oily-less.

And this is what I noticed… I am now no longer a mid-range gal.

Priceline was my one stop shop – it was my fortnightly essential location… now, whilst there is still a strong desire to go there regularly I notice I am racking up less points… First it was the discovery of MAC’s Prep & Prime… SOOOO much better than the Model Co and the Rimmel – alas those 2 sit now in the back of the drawer. Then came the end of the little pot of MAC Matte Gel which they gave me to sample… I begrudgingly had to admit defeat and proclaim that I DID like it… and had to buy said tube. Next was my change from Olay Special Effects moisturizer to Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel – my heart both soared and plummeted as it mattifed my face to pure perfection and required only ONE touch up at the end of my work day!!!! And then today came MAC’s Studio Fix… with the quiet intention of me returning to the MAC counter next week to get the matching liquid foundation! I forgot to mention that I am secretly hoping to try MAC’s “Mineralize” Oh the shame of it all… that THIS is what I have become now… That whilst I lament at the additional costs that i KNOW that this will create i am inspired by the sheer awesomeness of said products! That even as i type this i am wondering when i will next be able to steal a moment and try Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light as i hear it is fantastic for photos!

The oh so WORRYING thing is that when I mentioned to Mr A how much MORE this up keep would cost I thought he would tell me that I was dreaming; that this would be a ‘one-off’ and that post wedding party my skin and bauty regime would return to my once coveted L’Oreal but no – the guy LOVES it… I cannot believe how strange he is!

For the ladies out there – what is your makeup splurge?

PS I “forgot” to mention that i am slowly (but surely) overhauling my makeup brushes – meaning i have purchased a newer better Kabuki brush and am now aquiring more brushes than you can throw a brush at! Hehe

I just bought…

I just got Mr A a blue iPod Nano; it’s his birthday on Saturday and since he won’t be here his family are coming over tonight for a dinner and exchange of gifts.

he better love this...

he better enjoy this - & be surprised & overjoyed!

I must say I do not know what all the fuss is about iPods; seriously – I get that they store copious amounts of music (I got him the 16GB 4th generation blue one) and I get how they work but I don’t understand how they are necessarily any better than a different MP3 player; I have an MP3 player – it’s not an Apple iPod but it does the job; Mr A’s mum has the iPod and I’ve used it before… whatever; it does the same thing for a lot more $$$

And so today I spent said $$$, and I must say that I was beyond saddened to see my hand fork over so much dosh in such a short space of time (especially when we consider the murderous amount mum’s tickets are costing me! Not to mention that i do want to be able to do a little bit of shopping whilst in Melbourne). My consolation is the knowledge that Mr A is not stingy with his money and that I know that if I wanted a iPod he would spend the money without hesitation… I am still trying to NOT focus that I have just spent a little over $300 for something that is essentially 90.7 x 38.7 x 6.2 mm and is but 36.8grams…)

Oh I have JUST realised… that must be how men feel about buying engagement rings (thank god I am a woman and don’t have to worry about that! Poor Mr A – engaged to a woman to like expensive jewellery – oh well; now the iPod doesn’t seem so bad)

All this & she cleans too!

Well, well; what a weekend it has been – hope you’re all happy this Monday morning people. There is some possible good news to come this way very soon so stay tuned. I will say that it’s not a set wedding date (as I assume this will be what you’ll all jump to) BUT I will say that this news is probably as momentous and brilliant as that!

Now onto my Sunday; I went and caught up with one of the girls I had previously worked with. We had a lovely time eating a delicious Tapas style lunch and finished off with a steaming hot cup of coffee then did a little walking/shopping/talking.

Yesterday Mr A’s uncle arrived from Queensland (he’s here for the next 4 or 5 days) and I thought I would create a delicious but quick meal for their family; so I got to Mr A’s place at about 4ish (PM) and let the creations commenced; I made 2 mains – a chicken curry (which had to have potatoes in it as the last time I made a curry Mr A was all sad that it didn’t have4 potatoes in it) served with fresh parata’s as well as rice (so people have some choice) and a seafood mee goreng (so quick and easy; fried Indonesian style egg noodles). I then quickly wilted spinach & Choy Sum (Chinese veggie) in a pan with some oil, fried onion and sliced garlic and popped in a little fresh chilli (*hhmm; I love the fresh flavours this has when I serve it with a squeeze of lime; but as I didn’t have any last night we had to go withoutL*).

I even made an entrée – can you believe it? I was totally in the zone! I made some little fritters with a dipping sauce made of palm sugar, crushed garlic, with chilli and a bit of tamarind paste).

Well as you can imagine the uncle loved it – and Mr A sat there enthralled that I had managed to cook all of this within such a short space of time! The meal was a huge success with everyone helping themselves to seconds; we all helped clean up and then chilled for a bit. I got up from watching TV about ½ an hour later and got started on a delicious Arabic date and semolina dessert with delicious rose water syrup (thankfully I had already made that earlier and it had been sitting in a bowl cooling down.

I got given a wonderful compliment from Mr A’s uncle at the end of the night that was actually given to Mr A that he later told me about;

Uncle: when she cooks does she always cook like this?

(*note: I will happily cook for Mr A and the family about twice weekly and always make sure I’ve cooked enough for Mr A and his folks to have seconds + leftovers for lunch the following day*)

Mr A: Pretty much; I think she made a little more than usual because you were coming

Uncle: And she makes dessert too?

Mr A: Yeah – she likes cooking; sometimes we’ll make something together though…

Uncle: Does she clean up after?

Mr A: Yeah – she’ll wash the pots and pans while everything is either simmering or in the oven; she doesn’t really use the dishwasher.

Uncle: Congratulations son; you’ve done well!

Hehehe – I don’t know if you’re going to want to slap me across the head for moving the feminist movement back about 50 years but I was literally actually rather happy by this comment… Mr A told me that he was stoked that by it also saying that he was more than happy with his future ‘wifey’…

What can I say; in some ways I’m a traditionalist… I guess when its in you; its in you…

I need an opinion

People of the blogworld listen up!

I need an opinion…

I need your help to ascertain if I should or should not get the following item…

Flat brown mid-calf boots…. With tassels on the side of them… it is the tassel part the makes me think twice…  

to buy or not to buy...

to buy or not to buy...



What do you think? 

Help… I need an opinion…

Jaws of Carly

Sorry people – i was meant to post this yesterday but didn’t get around to it:


Yuk, yuk, yuk!!! Bloody Murphy’s Law! As bloody luck would have it on a day when I am not really feeling myself (am feeling a little emotionally exhausted but more about the later) and looking pretty much dressed like I don’t care I would have to bump into people who I DO NOT want to see!


Ok, first things first: strangely since yesterday I have not been feeling myself. Not in an ‘I just got engaged & am therefore the happiest chick on earth at the moment’ kind of way but rather a ‘I am so mentally & emotionally exhausted with dealing with my mother and the knowledge that I have copious amounts of work to get through between now and Christmas shutdown that I really am beyond all of this’ mood. I awoke this morning after a terrible nights sleep (it took ages to get to bed and when I finally did get to sleep it wasn’t that great) and the thought that I really could not b bothered ironing some decent work clothes. So I popped on my old jeans and a black willowy shirt (with this little pussy-bow on the front) that I hoped would con people into thinking that I looked semi-corporate (which it does… until you come around to my desk and see that I’m wearing jeans) and silver thongs… Thongs people (although I will say that they are not those rubbery, beachy thongs as I would never think to wear them to work)!! For those who don’t see me I would like to stipulate that this is not a regular occurrence! So there I am thinking that the line for sushi is the longest I’ve ever seen when I hear her voice calling out to me!  Carly… of-bloody-course. Well, how befitting that the name of the place I saw her in is called Jaws!


Carly: oh my god – how could you not hear my voice?

Me: sorry – I’ve just got a few things on my mind and have to be back at the office in 5 minutes

*she stands there waiting for me to walk up to her and giver a hug… I am thinking 2 things; A) I do not want to lose my place in this line and B) really, I cannot be arsed with giving you a hug and playing pretend*


Carly walks over and gives me hug and then walks back to her spot (as she is waiting to be seated with Mary).


After a minute or so (while I am still in line thinking ‘man, I look like crap today and I really dislike your false-ness) she and Mary sorta exclaim (read: yell out):

Carly: lets see the ring!

Me: I’ve got to pay for my sushi… sorry…

Carly and Mary then walk over to me together where she (Carly) says again “let’s have a look at it sweetie”

I raise my hand to display said ring – to which Carly says “ooh, its gorgeous” I say the appropriate thank you and then Mary wishes me congrats + a hug and they walk towards their seat.


I just wanna say that I am inlooovvvveee with my ring and that at every given opportunity I am happy to show people around me my fantabulous ring… HOWEVER I do NOT need her giving me or my ring evil eyes! To add insult to injury there is no love lost between me and Mary (it had to do with Mary’s ex who asked me out – I said “no” meaning that he was dreaming to which he told her that I asked him out and that he said no!). Before you all start saying that I am being a touch over the top about this evil eye business let me say that Mr A started it with not wanting any more negative vibes about our engagement  then there already are (read: my mother). Secondly I am more than wary of her tones in voice from previous years when we were close! Susi had told her about said proposal and she reacted ‘strangely’ to Susi about it and then was all OVERLY happy to me! I come into work on Monday with this email from her about if I’ve thought about the date, the location and the dress as “time is ticking my dear”. I mean really! It took so much willpower to say “we haven’t really discussed it yet – it’s not ticking that fast; it’s not like I’m in my mid-30’s” instead of “have a few idea that I and Mr A will decide together. We will wait and see – am just enjoying this moment.” She then took an age to respond! The response then was just on some other tangent about this New Years Eve party that she was inviting us to (ssooo not going)!


Then I get back to my desk and have eaten my yummy sushi and see this SMS she had sent me: you look fantastic J love the ring

Whatever – we both know that I did not look fantastic (bloody far from it!) and she knew what kind of “type” of clothing I would normally wear – so this is the biggest load of bollocks! I just replied with saying to her that I was really casually dressed to churn through work (with the intention of staying late in order to further churn said work) and that I didn’t think I looked great but thanks.


The thing with Carly is that she is the type of person who will take an email/letter/call/discussion/sms and dissect it, analyse over it and find some sort of waaaaayy out there meaning in everything… she is an over thinker – everything, everything has a hidden meaning which she can somehow twist to her advantage. I can go on an on about this gal and how this whole run-in has totally annoyed but I think I’ll leave it… no doubt she is currently go on about me with Mary!


Oohhh – guess what? My fiancé is picking me up from work today to take me home (I caught the train in). Hehe J I just wanted to type in the word ‘fiancé’!


Still can’t get over it… fiancé!

“I only wear designer…” & other comments

Sorry for not writing for awhile peeps… Ish – thanks for (diplomatically) hitting me over the head so i’d post something. Not much has actually happened recently – although there was this situation rather recently that i am about to discuss:

Some people make me laugh… not in the ‘you’re so funny, I can’t believe your in comedy’ sort of way, but more in the “you’re antics are just too strange that I cannot believe you think your behaviour is ok”


There is this girl; she is Mr A’s best friend’s girlfriend (have I lost you yet?) – I shall call her Nancy. Nancy is strange – there is no other word for her (well, there are, but I will leave it up to you, dear readers to decide!)… she and her boyfriend have been together for about three and a half years and have recently; about 8 months ago) moved in together.


Lil miss Nancy is a ‘designer only’ gal… seriously; her notion is if you don’t wear designer then you are beneath her. For years she has chosen to be icy towards me; time and time again I would try to strike up conversation with her; get to know her while she was studying at uni, talk to her about her work when she finished and landed her job… nothing – it was like she had no personality… then she saw some of my photos taken on my last trip to see family in the emirates;


Nancy: where dis foto taken?

(*yes – this is how she talks – you pick out the accent…*)

Me: which one? (*peering over to have a look*) oh that’s in Abu Dhabi

Nancy: dis in ho-tell? Or in restaurant?

Me: no, no – that’s at my uncle’s house in the lounge room

Nancy: lounge room? You have another picture?

So I showed her pictures of other get togethers with my family… after this she was strangely a lot (comparatively speaking) warmer – semi-nice even! Mr A and I were slightly surprised… then she turned to her boyfriend later on the evening and said something that made me realise why her attitude had changed; “you know, Arabian Princess just like me – come from wealthy family…” ha – whatever! Seriously, I was insulted…


But it gets worse:

A few weeks back she bumped into a friend of mine and Susi who I had introduced her to (at a different dinner). They all stopped and said hello to each other, then Nancy noticed the necklace that our friend Sara was wearing;

“oh, I like your necklace… almost look like real Mimco!”

Who f&#$*ng says that??? What is wrong with this woman???


Last week when I went to have dinner at Mr A’s place we both happen to be wearing a Tiffany & Co. pendant; you know the love-heart one that says ‘If Lost Return to Tiffany & Co. New York’. Hers was on a long chain while mine was on a shorter chain. So as to make conversation I pointed out our similar pendant:

Me: oh, Nancy – look, we’re twins tonight! We’re both wearing the same necklace!!

Nancy: my sister bought for me for my birthday…. (*she looks at my neck to see my pendant*)… but mine bigger than yours

Me: (thinking what a bitch but smiling sweetly on the outside) yeah, yours is bigger… but yours is silver… mine is gold!


Yeah – shove that where the sun don’t shine!


And then over the weekend she comes over for a group dinner and proceeds to talk to no-one!!! All night! She sits in the lounge room (alone), reading a magazine (an old one!) while watching the fashion channel that only has different catwalks 24/7 (which I can’t watch for more than 25 to 30 minutes before getting either innately bored with the constant ‘up and down’ of it all or the fact that these girls really, really do need to eat… and maybe I should stop eating… like forever)! When Mr A did have dinner ready (and it was a very, very good spread – Susi will attest to that) all she ate was potato salad! She turned up her nose to the beef and everything else…


But there’s more! Just before dinner, after her 2 glasses of pink champagne she walked up to Mr A (in front of me);

Nancy: you have lemonade? I want to drink lemonade?

Mr A: no… sorry Nancy… I’ve got some juice in the fridge or some tonic water – you could put some lemon in that… there’s some coke there as well but that might be a little bit flat…

Nancy: but I want lemonade…

Mr A: I’m sorry… I’ve got water as well – but I don’t have lemonade…

Nancy: so there no lemonade?

Mr A: no…

Nancy: (obvious, loud, long sigh) so I have to have water?

Mr A: look, ave alook in the fridge and have whatever is there – have the tonic water; Arabian Princess will cut you up some lemon…

Nancy: no… I just wanted lemonade…


In case you didn’t hear we didn’t have lemonade… she wanted lemonade…


Other things she has said that I think are funny in that “you’re an idiot” kind of way:


(at a dinner quite some time ago!)

Me: oooh, Nancy… what a cute bag!

Nancy: thank you – it’s by Leona Edminston


A different dinner;

Nancy: you’re top is nice – where you buy if from?

Me: hehe – I actually got it from Valley Girl for only $29.95!

Nancy: oh… I never go there… clothes from there are bad quality…


At her birthday I told Mr A to compliment her hairstyle (which he didn’t want to because he said he didn’t like it – I told him that he should do it anyway because her answer… which I had heard only moments ago, would be worth it).

Mr A: Nancy, I like what you’ve done with your hair!

Nancy: yes, is by Sarah at House of Earnest!

(*House of Earnest is a pricey hairdresser & day spa in Perth!)

My Big Little Step

How was your weekend people? Mine was actually rather relaxing… I spent my Saturday doing the normal “mum’s day” but actually managed to get some of my room cleaned. Since coming back you can only imagine how horrendous it’s been looking! Thankfully there is some organisation now! Saturday night I went out with Mr A and had a lovely dinner – I had been hankering for a good slab of salmon…


Sunday was gorgeous – it was 30 degrees and lovely and warm… Mr A wanted to have a look at cars and I had finally finished with the mopping of the house and my washing + a little bit of ironing so I went along with him! After having a little look we were a little peckish; I took him to this little restaurant/café called Makan2 (so you’d actually call it makan makan which means eating in Malay Indonesian). Anyway, it was a little bit of a ‘big deal’ for me; this place is a halal Malaysian place. On any given day that I go there, there is a rather large chance that I will definitely meet someone that knows me and has current consistent contact with my mum. Because I hate conflict I have generally avoided taking Mr A there because my mum is not Mr A’s biggest fan (in her words; “he’s a really sweet guy, he’s just not the guy for you”) and I know how much the Muslim community talk (hushed whispers that are not particularly hushed, the constant looking over and the insistent introductions – you catch my drift). So me taking Mr A there was a big deal as it meant that I am ready to *gasp* commit to him and am finally over what people may think!


It’s a big deal for me….


Oh, and yesterday I didn’t see anyone I know there… I think there was this lady that my mum knows but I couldn’t really remember her name so I just smiled, nodded a hello and when I walked past said salam…

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