Wedding Photos & details to come soon….

Stay tuned people!

It was a GORGEOUS day and night – everything was fantastic! I cannot wait to share all the details and photos with ALL of you!

VERY, very soon!


Mr A meets a cousin!

Last night I spoke to Zaen – he’s one of my first cousins. We generally chat rather often but I say that in the last few months or so we haven’t chatted at all. Maybe its because we’re both busy with work or maybe its because he’s got 5 kids all under the age of 12 (where 3 are under the age of 6 – yikes), or maybe it’s all the mayhem with mum, etc – whatever; essentially we’d sorta lost touch.

Anyway the other day I thought about him and I was thinking that he’d such a snob for not calling me and really was a little overdue – so I gave him a call, left a message and called him an arrogant so and so for not calling his little cous(in).

It was a really good chat – I know mum had told me that he’d been in regular contact with her whilst she was over there (he lives in Doha; Qatar) but Zaen told me that it’s been roughly ever couple 4ish days. So imagine his surprise when he asks what I’ve been up to and I’m like “oh, well; I am in the midst of planning a wedding reception – you should come over to Australia in about October as that’s when we’re hoping to have it!”
The poor guy was shocked – he was like “how come I haven’t heard ANY of this – what is going on? Did you do all this while your mum was away?”

And so it began; I sat down and told him that naturally mum knows, that I moved out to Susi’s and then… well obviously everything. How Mr A’s parents are lovely. About him fasting with me this year – about why I suggested mum go on holiday if she didn’t want to mosque ALL together for eid. He silently listened and then said that he couldn’t believe my mum has said nothing to him about ANY of this. I told him that I seriously wasn’t surprised as I actually wasn’t allowed to mention it to anyone and not even suppose to talk to her about it as apparently I am then ‘killing her’.
He didn’t know what to say – Mr A then walked up to me and was like; “oohhh – who are you on the phone to?” when I said that it was Zaen he asked if Zaen wanted to talk to him – and so they spoke!!!

Granted it wasn’t a long conversation – just the basic salam and good to finally meet you. I am sorry that she (my mum) isn’t happy about us; but inshallah soon she will understand. Standard; please come to visit us in autralia; Mr A saying that we are building so inshallah he will be here either for our (civil) wedding and reception but if not then to come visit when we have our house; the good salam and then I got the phone returned to me!

Haha – the call ended with Zaen telling me that he is going to call me again soon – as clearly he misses TOO many events when he leaves it too long!

*sigh* One small step for man…

I (think) we’ve found a dress!!!!

Hey peeps – how was your weekend?

Susi and I went to the bridal expo on Sunday… OH MY GOD!!!

I had gone to the last Bridal Fair I have to say that although I enjoyed myself it was nothing compared to how I felt yesterday! I collected heaps of information last time but was pretty casual about it all.

Yesterday was completely different; I was mesmerised – internally I am slightly freaking out as I am astounded at how much some things cost! There was a runway showing and that’s when everything changed… oh my lord… the gowns! The suits that the groom wear!! Oh… I got goose bumps from the sheer disbelief that this would sometime soon(ish) be me! ME!!!


ME… A BRIDE!!!!!

I think I may have actually found one of my dresses!!! That’s right – one of! Ok; so the Arabic tradition has us brides wear more than one dress for our weddings; generally it’s about three; which works well because then you have one for the Nikah (Muslim wedding ceremony), one ‘western’ style gown and one other traditional gown. So I thought I would have the white/off white (whatever – you catch my drift) gown for the legal ceremony and then a traditional gown for the reception (we’ve already bought something for the nikah so I’m all sorted in that department)!

I sat there watching all these gorgeous dresses go past and I have to admit that I for the first time since I’ve gotten engaged I actually was confounded by the thought…

My mum isn’t going to be a part of this…

I saw these 2 women sitting in front of us and they looked like 2 mothers… I saw another girl with an older woman who i assume is her mum and i realised that i would never have that; that sense of simmering excitement about my wedding day with my mother. That even if she was begrudgingly, stoicly on board that she would spend so much of the time saying “oh; that’s too expensive” and “you don’t need thank you cards/place settings” or “I don’t like that color – you shuld not get that color becasue I don’t like it” or “don’t pick that dress – you will regret it as it does not have sleeves – what will the other Muslims think?”

My mum doesn’t want to be part of this. My mum would criticise every detail and option I presented to her even if she was there. I have to say that the feeling didn’t last that long – but it was such a cold empty feeling that actually almost made me cry. Especially when I think about the fact that I don’t have a relationship with my dad…

I had spent the day previous (Saturday day) with mum and told her that I was going to be going to the bridal expo to have a look at things and all I got was;

Mum: Why you go? You’re not going to be a bride…

Me: Yes mum…  I am – I’m getting married remember? Are you sure you don’t want to come & have a look?

Mum: Do you want something to eat? I just cooked kebab…

Me: *Sigh* No thanks – I’m not hungry

Then while I was at the bridal expo waiting for the fashion showing to start mum actually called me;

Me: Salaam mum – is everything ok?

Mum: yes- you still take me to the mosque this afternoon ok? What time you come?

Me: yeah – that’s fine; I’ll be there between 4.45 to 5pm.

Mum: Where are you now? Sound very loud…

Me: Oh – remember I told you? I’m just at the bridal expo – 

Mum: Ok; I see you at 4.45; assalammu alaikum *hangs up*

All in all though I must say it was a rather productive day (even with that little ‘moment’)! I am actually excited now….

Oh my lord!!!

I actually rather excited now…..

Oh – and I also think I may have found a dress for the bridesmaids!!!

Funny tabloid tid-bit

Does anybody else think this headline sounds a little funny?

Madonna and Jesus to marry, Kabbalah-style!

getting hitched!

getting hitched!

If they had a child would they call him Joseph?

Quick funny Mr A moment

Claire (from work) was reading about things about blood type which made me curious about what blood type Mr A is. So I sent him a quick email saying: “hope your day is going well – just wanted to ask what blood type you are?”


His answer?





Where do I go with this?

Dinner: Expect the unexpected

Dinner last night turned out far, far better than expected – thanks very much Hanna!


My rush started when I got home; popped 2 Advil (I had a slight headache), was told to wear something ‘appropriate’ (read: loose) and then figured out where this Aunty’s house was and left. So I met this Aunty’s daughter (Hanna) and we got along swimmingly! She apparently was not coming to said aforementioned dinner – gasp – how was going to last the whole night? Thankfully we got her on board and she changed and came with us… woo-hoo!


So off we went and all in all it was a rather nice evening – in fact me thinks I would go so far as to say that I may have made a friend… it was even worth the little pre-emptive blanket statement my mum gave me on the way to Hanna’s which was: “don’t talk about anything you know will kill me. You know what I’m talking about.” which is my mum blatantly saying; ‘don’t mention anything to do with Mr A at all!’ what’s funny is that no one seems to pick up on the engagement ring – I mean I suppose in our culture we normally wear it on the other hand but seriously some of them must wonder???


Anyway – after dinner Hanna and I started chatting! Well, let me tell you Aunty Eva didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t wearing a hijab! I mean for goodness sake! What is even funnier is that Hanna has a “whitey” boyfriend also… and she noticed my ring – so I told her all about the extent of denial that my mum is in… madness really! The fact that I’m having my engagement party soon and the plight about when I went to Thailand!


It’s hilarious how little my mum knows about these things! How her mum’s not that keen and is in a mild case of denial but that her dad is tolerable to the whole situation… that this guy can come over – I told her how my mum doesn’t let Mr A come over to our house – but in saying that my mum is not particularly that  keen for any of my friends to come over – its all good as I don’t really want any of them over whole my mum is there because she’ll just eavesdrop and use everything against me at a later date!


Well, well, the plot thickens!


*Rubbing hands together with glee*




Do I HAVE to finish work today?

My plan tonight was to have a glorious dinner that I was actually seriously excited to make:

Think chopped chicken breast fillets (chopped into strips then coated in a hot, spicy bread crumb mixture that is then fried so it’s all crispy on the outside)

Then making a yummy pasta sauce with part fresh tomatoes part tinned tomatoes, a little pesto and a glorious heap of pecorino cheese, a handful of pine nuts (hhhmmm… pine nuts), some basil and spinach leaves then toss in some cooked angel hair pasta (I have a thing for angel hair pasta) and the cooked crispy chicken strips… hmmm – delicious!


BUT alas this is not to be!


I get a missed call from my mum and am having to take her to her friend’s house as another friend (confused yet?) has invited us all for dinner. This woman (whom I shall have to call Aunty) Eva has never met me but is a friend of the family apparently. She had spent the evening at my mum’s house on Saturday night when I was out (playing nurse for Mr A) where the following conversation took place due to her (Aunty Eva) perusing the photo’s mum has on the fridge



There are 4 photo’s of me on the fridge that mum has put up. One is a photo of my graduation and the others are of me about to go to a wedding (wearing a hijab/scarf), in Doha with family (wearing hijab and abaaya) and on the way to the mosque for Eid (again, wearing Hijab).


Aunty Eva: Masha – Allah you’re daughter looks so sweet…

My mum: thank you… but when you meet her you will be very disappointed. SO disappointed…

Aunty Eva: Why? Did something happen to her?

My mum: you will be so sad and disappointed because she does not wear hijab.


I have no idea what her (Aunty Eva’s) answer was – I am near certain that she does not care – and that if she did her thoughts would not be about her being ‘disappointed’. Seriously – I think what my mum wanted to say is: I am disappointed and ashamed that my daughter does not wear a hijab!


It is right on the tip of my tongue to say that since it is so hard to see me every single day be such a disappointment I am willing to move out!


So apparently this is what I am contending with tonight.


My enforced objectives for the evening are:

Drive mum to said location (I don’t know where it is as yet – mum simply said it “sounded far away”)

Silently smile & nod at all relevant moments

Briefly outline in the most prestigious way my job so my mum can then be proud of her offspring.

Eat and complement the food.

Do NOT mention Mr A under ANY circumstances.  

Smile & say “amiin” when one of the aunty’s says “insha-Allah you marry soon to good man your mum likes”


As per usual I will suck it up and silently sit there and say nothing. I am but the driver of course…


Suddenly I get the strange feeling like I want to stay at work… ALL night!

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