Happy New Year People!!

Happy 2010!

I wish you – whoever you may be dear reader an ultimate year! I hope that this year brings calm and peace to us all. That this is the year where we smile into the faces of loved ones and find what it is we’re looking for.

I wish us all patience – patience that if the year starts badly hat things will get better… because they do – maybe not right away; maybe not tomorrow or next week or next month but everything does get better… eventually.

I wish for understanding – that our patience will us to understand each other better. To know that not all of us are the stereotypes that we have been depicted as – to my fellow Muslims, strike up a conversation with non-Muslim scholar; find some similarities… you might be amazed at what you discover! To those who see a women wearing a headscarf/hijab in the street – smile at them – extend the (metaphorical) arm of friendship… and if she doesn’t smile back to you its not because she’s oppressed – it might be because she’s not used to it…

Inshallah this will be a good year for us all – in every way…


Now I’ve heard it all!

no thanks - i don't eat bacon no more!



People – let me quickly say this… I like Michael Jackson music. I think he is AMAZING at what he does… I believe that we may never see another artist to writes, creates, choreographs his own music, produces and edits his videos but I think this time things have gone far, far too far!


At first when Sam at work told me what had happened I thought he was playing a trick on me – waiting to see my reaction (well he didn’t have to bloody wait for very long!)… In my yearning to discover the ‘truth’ I went onto Google (such a reliable source, I know!) and located the article – I have attached it below.


Michael Jackson has ‘converted to Islam’

November 21, 2008 12:40pm


MICHAEL Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel, according to reports.

The singer wore traditional Islamic dress as he pledged his allegiance to the Koran at a friend’s home in Los Angeles, The Sun reports.

Jackson, who was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, reportedly decided to convert after discussing religion with a music producer and songwriter on his new album – both of whom were converts to Islam.

The Sun reported singer Yousef Islam – formerly known as Cat Stevens – turned up to help Jackson celebrate.


I mean; I know that in Islam it doesn’t matter if your black or white

And that although he’s a thriller, to our religion he may be dangerous

I mean, I do remember the time when he was (what society would deem) ‘normal’


Ok, ok… I’ll stop now! I know its lame – but I just couldn’t resist…


I’ve said this once in jest but now i am beginning to wonder: do we, as a united Muslim community need to create some sort of psychological measure to aide us in determining mental stability? I mean really – people who want to join the army have to do psychological testing… and they get given tanks, guns and taught to work ‘smart’ bombs…


If this is true; I want to meet the Imam that was there for the conversion… did he add his famous “he-he” at the end of Sha-hadah (what one says to become Muslim)? Who thought this was a good idea? Are we trying to beat the Church of Scientology to see who can get the higher amount of crazy’s eccentrics we have?  Now that I’ve said all of this I will say: may Allah help us all, and may Allah open his heart to ‘normalcy’!

Marketing, make-up, literature & me…

Before I leave for this trip I have quite a few things that I need to purchase – stuff like primer, moisturiser, etc. Anyway as I’ve said before I am truly a marketer’s dream. Forget subliminal or covert advertising… I am all for L’Oreal’s “because I’m worth it” campaign. A new product is out there with new promises and notion of skin renewal, illumination, hydration and sebum control and consider me sold! Skin is renewed and appears visibly more elastic and toned in 2 weeks – where’s my pen because next trip to the shops you’ll know where to find me!  


BUT… I realised the other day that there is a line (oh, lets say a wrinkle?) that stops me dead in my tracks and leads me to think that YOU my marketing friend are totally bullshitting me! I may be naïve enough to think that Garnier’s Body Tonic does actually tone my skin so much so that I don’t need to be on the treadmill as much (seriously, I used this every day for 2 weeks without fail day and night on my legs & thigh area – *ahem* and a little higher and I swear that I saw and felt a huuuugggge difference) and that Model Co’s skin primer really does make a massive difference comparative to not using a face primer however even I have my limits!

The latest and greatest advertisement that I saw the other day on television was for an anti-ageing cream that I think was from Nivea. It promises to visibly reduce wrinkles AND plump skin within…. FOUR HOURS! Four hours people??? Is anyone… anyone believing this? Surely no one would think that you could put on this magical cream and within four hours (that’s like watching a DVD + the trailers + some of the special features) you’ll actually look younger? That’s madness? Who is coming up with this stuff?


2 hours later:

Okay, I just back from the beauty therapist and then David Jones (department store) to get some primer… I saw new packaging… naturally I peruse and have a look see! The lady comes up to me and tells me that this is some brand spanking new product that has been released and sold buketloads in the US (ok, she didn’t use ‘bucketload’ but you catch my drift). Apparently this primer and ultra mattifying cream was used on the set of a blockbuster movie, the set of some American sitcom that I can’t remember right now and American Idol and therefore all the go…. It was also about $15 more expensive than my regular primer BUT meant to be designed for the use of high definition television and lighting conditions…. So what do you think happened?


Yeah I bought it… *very sheepish look on face now*



Along with the book that my uncle requested as his little pressie:

Waleed Aly: People Like Us

Waleed Aly's book
Waleed Aly



Do you think it would be bad or rude of me to bring this on the plane and have a bit of a read of it myself (before giving it to him)?

By the way; the guy who wrote this book is on my blogroll see; Waleed’s Blog & Salam Café!

Eid Mubarak to everyone….

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak


Today is Eid!!!!

Eid mubarak everyone… truly this is a wonderful time. On this day there is a sense of indescribable serenity, peace and hope that I feel. I’m not at the mosque today so it actually feels all a little strange. Mum has had to go without me… what with my impending trip (in the next few days) coupled with the last few days I’ve taken off for being sick I just couldn’t not go to work… my thoughts, prayers, and my heart is there at the mosque though… sitting alongside my mother as the imam reads the takbir (special prayer/verses read only during this period)… sitting there and knowing what it all means. Praying the Eid prayers and listening to the sermon… the intricate poignancy has the masses silenced the reverie of prayer and deep thought for the world we live in today. Of what will become of us… not just ‘us Muslims’ but us humankind; the state of the world; the changes in society… the massacres… the desecration… all, ALL, all the sadness that is around us but that we may not be able to see because we’re here in Australia. The incessant, tumultuous situation in Palestine, the ‘picking up of pieces’ in Iraq, the silent prayers for the people of Afghanistan. The constant hunger of the children, the people of Africa. The unfairness & injustice of this image that is painted of Islam.

 Last year I sat there in the mosque and silently cried for these things… and one year later here I am yet again sitting in silent reverie saying a prayer for all the same things. Where we will in a world where technology is evolving so speedily and yet some things haven’t changed. The sadness that I am feeling… knowing what the prayer sounds like; being able to see in my minds eye the beauty, the purity in this day; looking past the people who come to the mosque solely to show off their wares and not even pray what is the point of coming there then? I truly do not and have never understood these people. The humility in praying for not for yourself, for your loved ones around you but for joining everyone in prayer for all the other things that somehow, for some reason we ‘forget’ during other times of the year for work , the bills, trying to find the right partner… whatever your reasons.

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone

Ramadan Kareen

Ramadan Kareen



It’s the first day of the fasting month! It’s hard to explain how excited a Muslim feels about this month – especially when I say that it’s a month where we’re fasting; the notion of being excited about not eating? What the? And yet I am – excited that is… and I am certain that my fellow Muslim Bloggers are just as excited about this wonderful month


Ramadan Kareem… all the best to everyone; hope your first Iftar will be fantastic and that for those of you who are at work during this month (you and me both peeps!) that the days don’t seem long. That we all don’t eat too much as Ramadan is not about gluttony.


May Allah bless us and all of Mankind during this; the holiest of months in our calendar.


By the way; one of my friends on Facebook wrote something on my wall for Ramadan and I thought it was so nice that I’m putting it in this post:


“Salam, my name is Sha3ban;  

Just letting you know that my neighbour, Ramadan will be visiting.

He will come with his wife & two children;

Sahur & Iftar.

They’ll be accompanied by 3 grandchildren;

Rahmat, Barakat & Taubah

They’ll leave in 30 days by Eid Airlines”

ramadan mubarak

ramadan mubarak