The ‘No Poo’ Wash…

So it’s been the 2nd “no poo wash” (NPW)  for me – I feel that when I did it the first time that it didn’t really count as I did still use conditioner between ‘steps’ as I needed some help to detangle my curly mess. This time around I stuck to the theory but added a little more apple cider vinegar to my ‘conditioning’. This means that it is 1 tablespoon bi carb soda to 1 cup (tap) water (which popped into a bottle) AND in another spray bottle 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (ACV) to 1 cup water.

This time around I ‘poured’ the bi crab concoction around my hairline and then through parts of my hair (keeping as close to the scalp as possible). I rubbed it in a fair bit and found that I managed to get that ‘slippery’ feeling and was able to run it down the rest of my hair. I left it in for a couple of minutes (so I could apply body wash + shave legs) and then found that this helped me to be able to comb my hair (with my trusty afro comb – every curly haired gal’s best friend I think!). After washing that out I liberally sprayed the ACV creation at the roots of my hair and a few bursts through the mid-lengths and ends. Again, I left that in (I usually cleanse my skin at this point so that lets my hair ‘condition’) for a couple minutes and then washed it out. Just before getting out of the shower, I turn off the hot water and turn up the cold and pop my hair under the (shower) head – I’ve been doing this for yyyeeearrrs and find that the quick burst of cold water adds extra shine to hair and (as I air dry) makes it less ‘boofy’ once it dries!

Once I towel dried my hair I applied my usual styling product but slightly less than usual  – only because I am getting to the bottom of the bottle and haven’t got my back up bottle yet). This morning (yes, I wash my hair at night a few hours before going to bed – after I’ve put missy moo to bed!) I was surprised to see how lovely my hair looked! I was totally expecting it to be all limp/oily/not quite right. Instead I find my curl is MORE defined!!

So far so good people!