Quick Update: 5 days of ‘No Poo’

It is now day 5 post wash using the no poo method and I must say I am happy with results!

My hair isn’t greasy at ALL! I am wondering though if my lack of transition period is either a fluke – so that when I do wash imminently I will be inundated by a MASSIVE transition period and be in grease-city OR if in fact, my lack of transition period is because I had already stopped using sulphate shampoo and conditioner before stopping shampoo altogether? Either way I CANNOT believe that my hair is not, only NOT greasy BUT it is still soft and manageable as though I had only washed it yesterday!

I have also noticed that I am not needing to use as much air product AND that my hair is VERY soft after I’ve popped in the hair product and doesn’t have any ‘crunchy’ feel. I’m also finding that it is still holding my curl really well + giving me even more body/volume than I usually would have (without a volumising spray at the roots) which i am liking a lot. There was quite a bit of ‘breeze’ over the weekend and I loved the movement/having the wind in my hair and then seeing that my curls still looked really nice (usually they’d be looking all over the place)! I am also noticing that (as I’m using a lesser amount of product in my hair) my hair itself seems lighter in colour.

Day 5 and still happy with the results…

I’m trying something new (no poo for me!)…

So I am on the cusp of trying something new… actually I have commenced the trying but in typical ‘me’ fashion I am dipping my toe in rather than jumping straight into the deep end!

I’m not a fan of the name of what I’m doing, but I’ll call a spade a spade… I am going NO POO!

i mean – look how happy she looks!

What this means is I am basically cutting out shampoo from my hair care regime… I am told (from research) that I will be happy with the results and my locks will be oh-so-wonderful…. ONCE I get over the “transition phase”. Don’t get me wrong, like most things one researches there was both pros and cons for trying this method but at the end of the day I have decided that really, what have I got to lose?

So WHAT am I using? I am using a Bicarb soda (1 tablespoon) + water (1 cup) concoction that I keep in a spray bottle in the shower and use instead of shampoo. To condition I am using apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) + water (1 cup). Of everything that I read regarding this method, I was told that I may have to ‘tweak’ it to suit my own hair needs. As my hair is curly and gets SUPER tangled (because I only ever comb it when its wet) I have already ‘tweaked’ it and BEFORE I do the apple cider vinegar + water creation I am actually cheating applying a smmmalll amount of conditioner to my ends and mid-lengths so I can comb my hair after I wash it.

WHY am I doing this? I sort of stumbled across it… I had quite some time ago jumped onto the Moroccan Oil (MO) shampoo and conditioner bandwagon and LOVED it. Then to sulphate free stuff with MO (called Seven Wonders) which, I found was even better for my hair! Anyway – the whole time I was pregnant I had such blissfully full, lustrous hair… then 3 months postpartum; BAM – HAIR FALL CITY! I am NOT talking the usual ‘hair clogging drain’ situation here. It looked more like there was a drown cat in my drain! Each and every wash made me anxious which in turn made the fall out worse – I KNOW that its “normal” to have hairfall postpartum because of the hormone changes but this was DEPRESSING to see! At one point, hubby popped his head into the bathroom as I was washing my hair and exclaimed “oh my GOD – Is everything ok? You should go see a doctor! That is a LOT of hair!!”

Thankfully since then all things have returned to normal – I switched my conditioner to one by Klorane which is especially for weak hair (which I TRULY think helped my ‘hair situation’ get back to normal quicker) but as I had read about this ‘no poo’ thing I started getting curious and wanted to know more… hence the research began…

Anyway – what with me now back at work but only 3 days week and all the stuff that we needed to buy for baby + bills etc I started looking at areas I could cut costs (whilst still maintaining other stuff)… the no poo thing seemed a far, FAR cheaper option! So I mulled it over, and mulled it over some more. Then did some research, watched some you tube video’s, did more research, mulled even more and watched even MORE You Tube video.

Enter a week ago and I am sitting at home and out of nowhere I finally decide that I am giving it a go!

So its been ONE wash… so far so good. BUT I think that that’s more because my hair hasn’t quite worked out what’s happened yet… I am HOPEFUL that my transition period won’t be too bad as I had read that if I you’re already using sulphate free shampoo and conditioner that your transition shouldn’t be too ‘crazy’

Anyway – I’ll keep you up to date on the progress and if it’s worth the go!


Personal space & me

I grew up with my  mum pretty much always in my face – I wasn’t allowed to have the bathroom door shut, my bedroom door shut and I still have to answer when my mum calls and I am in the toilet. I can honestly say that personally I have NO personal space! That being said, I understand that most other people out there DO have some semblance of personal space – I am NOT one of ‘those’ people that completely disregard another person’s need to have some level of distance between myself and them.

When I was working in retail I remember having to deal with the ‘close talker’ – you know, the person who seems to get closer and closer with every word they say to a point that we are but inches from each other and I can almost SEE what they’ve had for lunch? As much as I stood there astounded at this person I am pretty much not fazed – whatever; don’t care! Because in reality lets face it, its not like their they are standing there having a conversation with me whilst I am in the shower completely wet and naked (*ahem* my mother!).

So, I don’t mind the hugs, the ‘sitting so close to me you may as well be on me’ situations when all us girls are trying to fit on a sofa and I have seriously not met more than half of them. When it comes to shopping having little personal space is actually beneficial – I am unfazed by the pokes, prods and shuffling to get an item at 70% off – I am undeterred in having to get changed in one room with a handful of other girls when buying Sass & Bide jeans at their sample sales – heck; we all got the same stuff! I am more than ok with it – maybe it’s a Arabic in me; where we grow up with our families knowing pretty much every aspect of our lives – and making up the rest! Or maybe its because of the way mum brought me up where pretty much I had to instil my own boundaries (read: privacy) that involved many a war and FINALLY being able to have my door closed at night at the tender age of 26 (with many a promise that I was NOT doing anything haraam behind closed doors!). Or maybe it’s because I am approachable (this is what I am told) so people need to “approach” – actually there’s a thought; if I had more personal space would I be less approachable? Have I become approachable because I have little personal space?

But there are some things I don’t get; I went out last night with Mr A and a few of his friends with their ‘significant others’ – I know most of them so its pretty much ‘whatever’ – but one of the girls there was pretty new to the group; in fact this was the first time I was meeting her; so after the preliminary questions (like, what do you do, where do you work and how was your day) she mentions that she missed her long hair as she had (days ago) cut it (think the Posh Spice bob) – I actually rather liked her hair and told her so… and then she comments on how much she looovvveeess my hair – and proceeds to run her fingers through my curls!!

Really? Really? I have JUST met you… and though I must admit that by the end of the evening I thought her a lovely gal I was still a little “um – excuse me, do you mind?” about the hair thing… now I gotta admit that although I will lament that my curly hair is annoying to look after in that it does have a mind of its own we (my hair and I) have come to a mutual respect for each other; I will treat it with love and affectionately purchase sweet smelling and curl friendly products (that are NOT friendly with my bank balance) and in turn my hair will repay me with pretty long ringlet curls of lovely definition… *sigh*

I am not fazed to share the products I use in my hair – in fact I have actually had other curly haired girls ask me what i use – I am more than happy to share… and if I have known you for more than half an hour I am more than happy to have you stroke and caress my hair – but seriously, give me 5 minutes at least!

washing ‘the straight’ out of my hair

I went to the hairdressers yesterday (I left work a little early so I would beat the hordes); I spoilt myself and totally enjoyed their massage chairs *bliss* and got my hair cut (just trimmed with some new layers put into it), colored (not as red as I thought it would be so I will need to do it again soon as I now have an image in mind of what I want – finally and will be steadily working towards that!) and blow-dried out so that I now have a side-swept fringe and slightly wavy on the bottom.

So I went to see Mr A after; his only stipulation about going to the hairdresser was to not get it cut; to trim by all means but not to cut the length out of my hair. I seriously do no understand why he gets all worried at the thought of me having short hair… its madness I tell you! its so funny because now that I have the courage and gusto to want to cut it off he’s telling me that he knows that I don’t want short hair for the wedding… damn him for knowing that that would stop me for going anywhere near my hair with scissors! As I was saying; I went to go see Mr A and he didn’t like it L

He liked the colour (thankfully) and he liked that I kept the length but he didn’t like how it was dried straight and NOT curly…poor guy wanted to know if I would be washing it out that night! I was like “I just paid $130 for this… I am not washing it out tonight…”

Apparently he dislikes my ‘straight’ hair so much that he is more than happy to give me $130 to wash it out tonight… bless him; I told him that if he dislikes it that much that I will wash it out tonight after work (and that I don’t want his money clearly the hair colorant has gone to my brain) – I’m not too sure if I really like it myself (the straightness of it) so am not particularly phased about washing it out… that and the fact of having to take a (hair) straightener to it every morning for the next few days fills me with dread (not to mention the fact that I will be walking in fear of rain ‘kinking’ my hair into a frizz-ball when I go to lunch); what can I say – I am not as high maintenance as you imagine!

Meanwhile if I did cut my hair I would want it to sort of look like this;

I like the way it looks curly!
I like the way it looks curly!
SO low maintenance!

SO low maintenance!

But I would not have a ringlet dangling from the middke like that – that would totally annoy me!

What do you think?

Saying ‘No’: to your hairdresser

Why is it that some people have this inability to say ‘no’ or ‘enough’???? Why? I must admit that when it comes to relationships I have had a fair share of not knowing when enough agony was enough agony! I stay… thinking that they’ll (said male) will (eventually) work out that he is being a prick mean/rude/unthoughtful or just all of these things at once. I’ve stayed… thinking that one day they’ll somehow wake up from their stupidity and discover that I have been a saint wonderful to them; treated them with kindness, affection, respect and that they will suddenly treat me in the way that I had always hoped they would return to (because let’s face it – all idiots were once “lovely”… it’s how they ‘suck’ you in).


No people… since then (call it naivety, call it stupidity, call it delusional – same, same but different) I have learnt (albeit the hard way) that if he’s a prick then he’s a prick. Yes I do believe that players can be reformed (possible remaining level of delusionalism?) however if you’ve been the dormat; the punching bag you will not be the person to change his ways. Why? Because if you let him treat you like a doormat, let me treat you like shit, let him think that you’re worthless then he will do so… consciously or not. Sadly this is what I have learnt… both from my experiences and that of what I have seen happen to my friends.


Now, I am totally digressing from what I actually wanted to say – today Mr A went to get his hair cut. Now I must say that he is rather ‘particular’ with his hair. There is no other way to describe Mr A’s appearance than “metro sexual”. I know it’s been an over-used description but well-groomed and fashion conscious just don’t really cut it here; seriously – Susi (along with anyone else who has met him) will attest to this description of him. Anyhow, he went to get his hair cut today and all I said to him was “remember when to say stop!” Last time he went to get his haircut I was actually with him and I was amazed at his inability to say ‘enough’.


Mr A: I just want it shorter on the sides and still have a little body on top.

Hairdresser: yep, so like a number 1 on the sides then going to a 2 a little higher up?

Mr A: yep that sounds ok


20 minutes later

I am sitting there thinking that too much is being cut, but I don’t want to look like a controlling female and thus remain silent (willing him to say something). Top is beginning to get hacked into (there is no other word to describe it)… I am getting anxious and cannot help myself;

Me: wow – I don’t think I’ve ever seen your hair this short before

(code for ‘stop cutting it you idiot – look at the look in his eyes….”)


Hairdresser (to Mr A, while holding the top part of his hair in her fingers): did you want me to cut a little bit more off the top?

Mr A: ummm…. I dunno… its up to you

Hairdresser: *snip, snip.. snip snip*


Excuse me????? “I dunno”…. “its up to you” ???? Who says THAT to a hairdresser? WHO????????


That’s carte blance to just shave the rest of it off and enlist in the US navy!!!


Needless to say he walked out all saddened and was like “ooh, I hate my hair now… she cut too much off.” I asked why he didn’t say something to her when he was getting worried that it was getting too short – he says “because I didn’t want to make her feel bad…”


So today I get a call after said hairdresser’s appointment (different hairdresser); “I got my hair cut… it’s tttttoooooooo short. I don’t want to go back to work now because dad will make fun of my hair now….” Of course I asked why he didn’t just tell the guy to stop cutting (he went to a male this time hoping he would know what to do) when it started getting too short; the answer? In a (very) despondent voice “I thought he’d know what I wanted… I really don’t like it… I look weird…”


Oh well… he saw a pair of shoes that he thinks I’d really like (and look good in) and wants to get them for me as a little present so I suppose I can’t berate him too much!

Marketing & Baldness – the new trend

Ahhh…. Those New Zealanders…


Marketing at its best I suppose?


Airline to offer bald facts on new services

September 10, 2008, 12:36 am

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand ‘s national airline is planning to give the bald facts on plans to speed up check-in queues for passengers — literally.


Air New Zealand said on Tuesday it is looking for 50 people willing to be a “cranial billboard” with a message temporarily tattooed on their shaved heads for two weeks advertising new speedy check-in services.


The airline said it will pay NZ$1000 (Australian $666) per head, making it easy money for bald-headed frequent fliers.


“How better to tell our customers that Air New Zealand is going to do something about (long check-in queues) … than through messaging they can read while they’re standing in a queue themselves?” the airline’s marketing manager Steve Bayliss said in a statement.


(Editing by Bill Tarrant)





The girls got game…

I’m not necessarily a Victoria Beckham fan but I must say the girl has game when it comes to chopping off her hair!


Her new 'do'

Her new



As a gal with long hair there are moments where I wish I were slightly more courageous with my hair… having curly hair does help as the grow-back situation is somewhat slow (to say the least)! Plus I have found that I might love the short hair thing on someone else; namely those with a stylist who is patient and paid enough to ensure a gleaming professional finish each and every day!


Although I might not like this cut that Posh has now – I think its too short for my liking; I did like her previous cut… I am also rather enamoured with Rhianna’s current cut… I see it in the video clip and swoon with the deep colour, the gorgeous cut, her rock chick attitude that has come along with said cut… the straightness of her hair…


Oh – I DO really, REALLY like the cuff bracelet that she has on though!!!