Mr A Gets Promoted!

At First I didn’t actually see it this way – a promotion. It took Susi and I chatting about the situation and chuckling of at the madness of it all to realise that it is, indeed some kind of a promotion i guess!

Remember how aaaagggeeesss ago i mentioned how a male family member came to Perth to visit? Remember how I mentioned how mum has high hopes for said guy and then all hopes were dashed when both people’s personalities conflicted? Well; when he left Australia he had left some of his luggage here and had asked that we send it back to him. “We” became ‘MY’ job and my mum cut all sort of responsibility on grounds that since they had had an argument that clearly the responsibility would be mine. And so (yet again) i sucked it up and dealt with it.

I told him that I would more than happy to send his (22kg of) luggage once he had transferred me some money – I mean, didn’t get me wrong here; I have no problems sending 1, 2, 5, or even up to 10kg worth of luggage but aft3er a few quick quotes online I discovered that sending 22kg worth of luggage was hardly cheap… plus i have a house to pay for (does anyone realise that porcelain slab tiles are NOT cheap?)

So after nearly a YEAR later – yes, nearly a year the guy transfers me some money – far be it for me to tell him that since the start of financial year that the cost of sending said items would be increased. Whatever; I was just happy to have it off my hands (and not have to hear anymore about it from my mum… again and again… and again!).

Everything was organised through Discount Excess Luggage – yes it is some shameless advertising but the man was really great (for more details head to and the prices were really competitive! The plan was that he would pick up said item from my mum’s place; weigh item, call me and I would give him my credit card details. What actually happened was that he went to pick up said item and mum would not take any of the paperwork from him?

The poor guy had no idea what to do – i spoke to my mum later and apparently the rationale in her mind was that as NONE of it was her responsibility that she would not take ANY of the paperwork. That this man HAD to give me the paperwork – she told the poor guy where i worked and said that he should drop it off to me!

When the guy (his name was Laurie by the way) said “you can give it to your daughter when you see her” apparently she said a few things – mum told me that she had told him that i do not always come home and that sometimes i sleep at my friends house!


When I told her that she KNEW that I most definitely was not staying with a “friend” and that I am staying with my in-laws and my husband she went onto say “no – I tell him you sometimes stay with your friend; what for I make bad my daughter’s name? I not want to tell him that you won’t come home to see your mother”

I mean let’s just be serious here for a second – as IF the Caucasian man is seriously caring what I do with my life and where I am living! I mean – WHO would he gossip this ‘vital’ tid-bit of information to??? If anything, her behaviour has probably made him go “yep, I’d be living with my friend too sweetie!!!”

Anyway; although at first I was a little frustrated, annoyed and flabbergasted by her incessant denial Susi and I realised that in some twisted way she had finally acknowledged Mr A’s existence as being something more than (how she affectionately refers to him as) ‘Satan’.

And it only took us this long!

Another 3 years and he’ll be my boyfriend/fiancé!

Just an idea; tell me what you think?

I have just had a “smashing” idea… or rather its what I think may be smashing… due to said uncertainty I thought I would put it all out there for you the blog-readers to tell me if you think its good idea or if I need my head read!

Firstly I have told myself that if you all think this is a good idea I WILL be commencing it about a week from my return from Melbourne and that I am determined to maintain this idea!

So here it is:

Password protected blog posts that are photos; of me, of Mr A, of Susi… of what’s happening in my life!

So simple and yet something I have avoided in order to keep some level of control over the whole “putting myself out there”. I figure that if its password protected than at least if people are interested they’ll have to let me know and then I can give them/you the password!

Let me know people…

I look forward to your thoughts!

The (not so) single, (not so) white female

About the possible single white female… I have spent the weekend somewhat frustrated (execpt for Sunday) at how I feel about this ‘situation’. In all honesty I have had a few other “things” happen over the course of the weekend that probably haven’t helped the situation so I don’t quite know if perhaps I am being a little bit of a bitch!

This girl that I know – nay; that I am more than good friends with has done a few things that; on their own don’t actually account to much. In essence, a few of them combined don’t actually upset or frustrate me but ALL together there is something about this last ‘occurrence’ that doesn’t quite sit right…. And I have no idea why – call it gut instinct but SOMETHING is odd about this picture:

So there’s this girl right? And I’ve known her for agggeeesss! And although there was a 3 year gap where we didn’t talk or anything I still knew what was happening in her life (she was with her ex husband then and I was friends with her brother – her husband told her she was not allowed to have any non-married friends… apparently something about them/us single gals would ‘ruin’ their relationship! But that’s a whole other story!) Then when she and her hubby separated we bumped into each other (what can I say – Perth is small) and got to chatting… we swapped numbers and got pretty close. When Susi was holidaying it up in El Salvador (you know, eating beans and taco’s and wearing a sombrero while dancing the salsa, sipping on corona and trafficking Mexicans across the boarder…  – hehe) me and this chick saw HEAPS of each other.

Now, besides the common ground of (at that time) being single, being Muslim (and having gone to the same school) and being friends the 2 of us share a many number of other similarities:

We have similar sounding names that rhyme – we once went to a comedy act where the comedian asked random people in the room what they’re name was and what they did for employment. When he asked my name and then her name and that we both work for government agencies (different departments though) the comedian instantly quipped; “And then some material just writes itself!”

We both have similar facial features – we’ve gone out and people have mistaken us for sisters, cousins… you catch the drift. We both have olive skin, dark hair, same body types (although she’s taller) and similar styles in clothing. Often we have realised that we’ve bought the same thing or that I buy something and that she owns the same thing in another colou

I could go on (as there are a few others) with the similarities but seriously I cannot be bothered. What I will say is that in the last few months things have gotten a little ‘odd’ to say the least.

This guy that has been infatuated with her for years (who she has admitted to ‘jerking’ around and the way he is always at her ‘beck & call’) has suddenly ‘caught her eye’. Very odd when he is not her type at all completely her type – her type of man is either rich, tall and good looking, buff and a white-boy babe… or all of the above! I remember telling her that what she needed was a nice man; a decent guy who cared – not to be someone’s trophy as they wouldn’t appreciate her nor for her to have merely a hunky younger trophy (without much substance) because then she won’t appreciate him… suddenly this guy seemed like the one to be with.

And I helped her ‘get him’ – copious amounts of relationship advice was dished out. She analysed everything to the point of my frustration. She would say “I just want to be where you and Mr A are at now” to which I would say that getting to this point hardly happened overnight! She’d ask ‘what should i do if he says XX?’ or ‘what happens if he says YY?’ She’d call me whenever she needed help with an issue (which i had no problem with – i am more than happy to help my friends!), a conversation dissected, etc but if I called her it would go to her message bank first and then when I got the call back eventually she would have been busy with ‘her man’ or something.

So here are the abbreviated situations that have occurred:

A)    I asked her for help in relation to finding an imam for my Nikah (as all the ones I know also know my mum) – well she found one and promptly got her nikah organised and then completely forgot to get me the details – it took ages for me to get it! Oh and she completely forgot to talk to him about what i wanted!

B)     Oh – did I mention that her man is also a convert and that essentially they’ve been ‘together’ a total of about 4ish months????

C)     I told her details about the price of my dress for my nikah (when it actually happens; I got it from overseas) and conveniently hers (had to) cost more

D)    I mentioned that when I change my car (I was thinking about doing it soon) that I wanted to get a Mazda3 – well well, she now drives a Mazda 3

E)    She asked to borrow a few clothes from me – I had to drop it off to her work and it took about 6 months before I got it back – I had to ask and ask and ask – and even then I was requested to do so at her convenience and that she couldn’t do it any other time. I finally got a dress back (did I mention that I leant her 3 items but only got back 1?) which she claimed to have never worn (I don’t car even if she did) but when I took it out of the bag it seriously reeked of her perfume – seriously; it was like she’d doused the dress in her fragrance (why would you do that if you hadn’t of worn it?)! I was going to wear it on Friday night and had even popped it on (after a spin in the washer and dryer) – I didn’t even end up wearing the dress because Mr A was like “you smell like her… I don’t want you to wear that dress!”

F)     She keeps claiming that she and her man want to take Mr A and I out for dinner and each time I see her or hear from her she will lament that I am too busy to see her BUT she has never attempted to organise said elusive dinner.

But even those things on their own don’t bother me… she has told me (almost incessantly) that she admires my relationship with Mr A and how she loves the way he is with me and how much she lovesmy ring and how come her man hasn’t gotten her a ring yet when they’ve already had their nikah? And how she doesn’t know what to do because she NEEDS a ring and should she just buy the ring herself and then get him to pay her back (when she told me this I nearly dropped my phone in the sheer shock that she would even think this is an option)! She has asked HEAPS of questions about how much Mr A would have spent on my ring and what is the ‘bare minimum’ she will wear on her finger as she can’t believe that some people only spent $1500 on an engagement ring (I told her that a ring is, at the end of the day, just a ring! Would she rather be with an asshole who got her a nice gorgeous ring or a decent guy who adored her with an ‘average’ size/style ring?)

So on Friday I go to her work to pick up my dress; she’s all apologetic at how she’s an ‘terrible’ friend because I did drop it off to her and was so accommodating to her when she needed my clothes and that she was sorry. Then she asks if I want to see the ring that he had finally gotten her. She asks me if I like it.

I am BEYOND floored!

I do not know if I should laugh at the lunacy of it all or keep silent.

I am at odds with what I am feeling…

She asks me if I like it – if I think it’s pretty? I tell her I think it’s beautiful! And it is!

And why wouldn’t I?


My only solace is that my diamonds have more carats – but I can’t say anything about that without looking like a complete bitch! So I smile when she tells me that her’s are 2 carats (internally trying to calm myself). I can’t resist and tell her that of course I like it – it looks so much like mine! She tells me that her man did such a good job at designing the ring and picked out all the diamonds (wait a minute – that’s what I told her Mr A did… that he had helped design it and picked out all the diamonds with the jeweller; he actually did do that because I remember him taking half a day off and I wondered why he wasn’t at work and his dad would not tell me). She told me that it’s not the same at all as her band is slightly thicker and her outside setting and middle diamond setting are actually ‘stuck’ together like a bezel cut. I looked at her with that “who the frig are you kidding” look on my face and actually told her that Mr A should sue her man for breach of copyright! I mean he saw it before he bought her hers – what on earth is he thinking?

Listen – its not that I care if someone has a similar ring as me. Seriously – if Susi wanted a similar engagement ring one day I wouldn’t flinch – its all the other stuff coupled with this… it’s the fact that we both travel in the same circles – that people will look at my ring and think that I’m replicating HER ring. That she’s with a convert and I’m with a convert and that her ring and my ring look the same and that since she’s older I MUST be trying to be like her. 

I am actually amazed at how annoyed, hurt and dismayed I am at her behaviour.

Am I wrong?

Thanks Sunshine!

I went to a friend’s little girl’s birthday party on Sunday…


Happy Birthday Kookai!

Happy Birthday Kookai!

It was a Madagascar (the movie) theme…. It was all so cute; all these little kiddies dressed up; there was a little batman and a Darth Vader…very cute indeed – and let’s not even get me started on all the babies! Ooohhh, its enough to almost make me clucky and have a baby all my own! ALMOST… not quite though – ‘chicken before the egg’ and all that stuff my dear… its strange how sometimes I will completely be ‘in the moment’ and be totally enjoying myself and then I will get this thought/feeling wash over me and it’ll feel like a ice cold bucket of water has been thrown on me; I sat there watching all the kids and Sunshine and her family and I couldn’t help but wonder how my mum would be when my children have their birthdays?

Sunshine – thanks for inviting me honey! The food was delicious and I hope that the birthday girl had as good a time as we all did… thanks honey!

Excited about the weekend

It’s a long weekend this weekend! Woo-hoo!!!

I bought my new boots yesterday & they look HOT! Woo-hoo!

This will be the first long weekend in lord knows how long where an argument will NOT be had between me & my mum over what I would like to do for the public holiday (versus what my mum would like me to want to do with my public holiday day off!). Woo-hoo!!!

This weekend is the weekend that I Mr A and I get our Wii and Wii Fit! Woo-hoo!!! I am very excited about this as I have been lusting after a Wii for the last few months… thankfully I didn’t even have to hint about wanting one as Mr A and I went to his friends house and they have one… we played tennis ‘against’ each other and it was so much fun! Since we’re actually a little lame and enjoy doing things together we are hanging to get one… so this weekend its set!

I get to hang out tonight with Denise after work tonight (Woo-hoo!!!)– normally on a Friday after work if I want to have a coffee with one of the girls I have to finish work early; get to café quickly, order coffee and chat with said ‘friend of choice’ whilst casually & inconspicuously watching watch to ensure that I am home by 6.30pm so as to not anger/upset/make cry/demonstrate un-love to my mum. Tonight I get to hang out, have a coffee and do the ‘good friend deed’ of taking Denise home rather than saying sorry that she still has to catch the bus because my mum will not be happy about me being home late! Before I forget – Woo-hoo!!!

I actually have nothing planned tomorrow night – Woo-hoo!!! I am beyond overjoyed that my Saturday night will be filled with nothing-ness! With the opportunity to do sweet ‘eff’ all! Woo-hoo!!!

And then I will get to (sort of) sleep in on the Sunday…. Woo-hoo!!! Then Susi and I are going to have Yum Cha/Dim Sum… oh my god – Woo-hoo!!!

And I will get to sleep in again on MONDAY!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Seriously… I am beyond Woo-hoo!!!

Meddling ‘Aunties’

Remember how I said that the Saturday day I spent with my mum was actually surprisingly good?

Remember when I said that I drove to her place on the Sunday just to take her to the masjid (mosque) so she could pray Maghrib (sunset prayer)?

Remember when I said that it was an ok visit but then got sort of “pear shaped” when I got her back from the masjid and she was all upset because she wants me to come back and live with her but doesn’t want to discuss my engagement or why I left in the first place?

Well since leaving I have been keeping in regular contact with mum; I have called her each and every day after sunset prayer and I see her on the Saturday day; spending the whole day with her (sacrificing my usual Saturday morning sleep in – oh how I miss them!) and leaving there at about 6pm-ish. For the last 2 weeks I have additionally gone over on the Sunday afternoon just to take her to pray at the masjid as although she can walk there (its close from the house) she doesn’t walk back because it gets too dark (before I hear you ask if she can drive; yes she can! But she doesn’t like to drive when it’s dark) – hence I have taken her! In addition to this I am also going over for dinner and a chit chat once a week (generally a Wednesday).

So really – I am going over (there) to see her HEAPS! In all seriousness I don’t think she has realised that although I don’t sleep there anymore she speaks more to me now that she did when we were under the same roof! While I was there I tried to stay out of her way as MUCH as possible – I came home from work, cooked dinner, had a shower, ate, watched half an hour to an hour of TV with her (whilst generally not saying anything) and then escaped to my bedroom. Now when I talk to her I actually ask her about what’s happening, I actually want to hear about her day… I want us to talk.

Last night I called her after dinner and all was going well – we had a nice conversation, she was telling me about the auntie that came over and about what she cooked. About what she did at home that day and confirmed that I was coming over some time this week; I told her I was coming on Wednesday night. she asked about work and what I had eaten for dinner and to make sure that I didn’t go to bed too late at night.

All in all a rather good call right? All in all I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe we will be ok and that she will see that this is for the best…

Then I get a missed call and message left from said Auntie who visited her asking me how I am and hoping that insha-Allah all is well with me. That she would like me to call her back soon and maybe even see her when I can because apparentl her daughter (who I know and went to school with) wants to talk to me and see me….


And Camel’s fly!

If she wanted to talk/see me why didn’t she call me? She has my number… a few months ago I got a message from her telling me that she had just had her second baby so I know full well she has my number…

So there are one of 2 rationales for said call:

1)      My mum has put said Auntie up to this or

2)      Said Auntie is doing what ‘aunties’ do best – meddle!

Now I am at loss if I should call her back or just ignore the call…


Or message my friend and say: “hey – heard you were trying to get in touch with me – hope all is well on your side insha-Allah”

*double sigh*

Delicious New Blog…

Listen up peeps – my close friend & partner in crime Denise has decided to take the plunge and get a blog also!!!! Haha – first I infected Susi, then brad (although in saying that he has totally let that on go at the wayside… but oh well) and now Denise!


So go check her out on my blogroll – Deliciously D



Meanwhile the rationale behind Denise getting into the blogsphere is because she’s realised she does have the time to write afterall… let me supply you with some proof of an email “Delicious” sent me outlining what she had done since 1pm a few days go (sent to me on Wednesday 1 April 2009);


From: DeliciouslyD []
Sent: Wednesday, 1 April 2009 16:42
To: Arabian Princess; Susi Spice
Subject: my long long email that freaking bounced back

well i have done NOTHING since 1pm


i kid you not!! i am bored…………..sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored.


i have tidied my desk

my outlook inbox & sent items & re-arranged my folders

i have also organised favourites on Internet Explorer

have updated my calendar on Outlook

done filing

spoke to receptionist for almost 45min

calculated a yearly budget spreadsheet on excel (& also budget to see if i can afford to rent) – its is colour-coded

made myself a hot chocolate

chucked out all receipts from wallet

twiddled my thumbs


have i bored you yet


4hrs of boredom people, 4 HOURS!!


Like I said – feel free to be nosey…

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