WHERE did my fitness go?

After a long hiatus called child bearing+birthing+rearing I have bitten the bullet and re-joined the gym. It has been something that I have been SERIOUSLLY ‘umm-ing’ and mulling over for the last 6 months! Yep – I know that sounds like a LONG time to make a decision but really I could not justify the payments. I mean, I AM earning less these days (as I am not at work fulltime at the moment) and after we pay for all the necessities + baby needs and a few little bits and pieces for myself (nowhere near as many “bits & pieces” I used to get myself) I just DON’T have the heart to ask hubby to pay for gym membership too. So alas my fitness came a close second to new clothes and I elected to not join… until now.

After MUCH thought I decided that I really, really AM not liking my body the way it is since I had lil missy. Don’t get me wrong – I know that I am really fortunate and am grateful that whilst my body has changed, I haven’t put on that much weight but I literally HATE my midsection – I DISPISE how ‘thick’ I feel I am in the tummy region. I know that I am my own worst critic – hubby is often telling me to not be so hard on myself; that I look great (bless him) and that I need to realise that I am going to look different as I have had a baby but I can’t help it. I think its worse because I was little pre-pregnancy so that now when I see how things have changed I seriously beat myself up about it.

But anyway – here we are; baby almost a year old and I have finally joined a gym near my place. Don’t get me wrong; I really liked Fernwood (my old gym) fitness, but I needed to go to a gym that was:
A) Closer to home
B) Cheaper
C) Cheaper
So I joined Bailey’s Fitness; So far they seem ok – I needed something that had classes as whilst I don’t mind jumping on a treadmill/bike/other equipment, I really do enjoy going to classes….


I went to my first ‘not-really-my-first’ Zumba class on Saturday morning. I left hubby with a sleeping baby and instructions for when she wakes up.

WHERE, WHERE did my fitness go? WHERE?

I’d been doing quite a few (read: A LOT!) pelvic floor exercises post baby and had been pretty happy with the results until I realised by the end of the warm up ‘jumpathon’ that I was about ready to wet myself! Thankfully all went ok in that area by the end of the class, however after the hour I was beginning to think an angina was imminent. Let’s not even get me started on how unco-ordinated I was through the whole class! It’s as though lil missy took all my rhythm – VERY sad! Especially when I think about how much rhythm and co-ordination I usually have! i used to be able to dance the night away; do a Zumba class AND then head over and do 45 minutes worth of cardio. Really, if i wasn’t at the back of the class wheezing in agony i would have cried! I am hoping that this ‘issue’ is short term and that once I get through a couple classes I’ll get my groove back and not look so tragic!

One can only hope…

In the meantime I woke up Sunday with sore hamstrings and very tender arms! AND I have a personal training session tomorrow (Wednesday) morning – EEEKK! If I thought I was nervous for Zumba I am even more nervous for this PT session as there will seriously be no place to hide!

Wish me luck people….


Gym… the agony continues

Last night I went to a pump class with Mr A’s mum – she thinks that is definitely not cut out for step classes while in all honesty I could take it or leave it (I am working on the premise that after a few classes that I would got the rhythm of it all and my body won’t ache as much)! Mr A’s mum goes to pump class quite regularly and she said that she really enjoyed that – I thought that I’d give it a go.

Mr A goes to both the gym then a squash game with the boys on Monday’s but wasn’t going to the gym ;last night (I have no idea why) and thought that it would be a lovely idea if we both went on a leisurely bike ride before I went off to pump class with his mum and he went off to squash.

So I went… lord knows why…. All I can say is: Leisurely my foot!

There was nothing leisurely abut the bike ride… except maybe the first 5 minutes when we slowly rode away from his house… then once we turned the corner it was all ‘game on’ from his end and me trying to keep up! Ggggrrrrr – I fear that this was his plan all along because I had not been on the Wii Fit for the last 2 days. The frustrating thing is that I quite like bike riding and I think I’ve got the stamina to maintain a certain level of speed and endurance for a long ride… but he was riding off so fast it was like my mum was chasing us with a scimitar or something!

Anyway; needless to say I wasn’t particularly raring to go to pump class. Although I suppose that I was warmed up! So after a whole other hour of abuse on my body I am amazed that I managed to get myself into bed at all last night – amazed that I was able to drive home and even more amazed at the amount of pain in my upper arms! Then I get told by someone at work that the amount of muscle pain I feel today is nothing compared to what I will be feeling tomorrow – gee thanks!

My solace is that the instructor was impressed at amounts of weights I was lifting, my posture and my flexibility… always one to please – my body is currently paying the price of the overzealous approach I took to said weights!

First step class ever = pain

I had the day off work yesterday – it was to take mum to her specialist (doctors) appointment; it’s been 3 months since her last eye operation and the doctor just wants to make sure all is well and that her right eye is fine.

Remember how I said that on Monday evening I was going to a step class with Mr A’s mum? Well – the fruits of my labor have been double edged:

Firstly, yesterday my body/muscles seemed fine and I was beginning to think that I must be fitter than I first thought (considering the fact that I felt like a complete un-co about to have an angina right after the class!) but then I awoke this morning! Oh the pain in my calves! My arms feel a little fragile but my calves!

The upside though is that yesterday afternoon I hopped onto the Wii Fit and I am happy – nay jubilant to announce that my Wii Fit age is my actual age!!!!!! Woo-hoo! You cannot fathom how frustrating it was to be initially ‘told’ that my Fit age was 31 then when I did the same test 3 days later I shot up to 42 then down to 38!!!! All these digits made me feel terrible… I mean, there is only so much I can do to kid myself and say “well; I’m not fat – I am European size 1/Australia size 8 and generally range between XS and S in the clothing stakes so clearly I am fit” Well; I’m not really that fit… the step instructor was 6ft tall and clearly a few sizes bigger than me but wow – this gal was fit! She managed to remain scarily upbeat and happy for the full hour; jump around, step across and do hand movements, talk and at one point sing along to the music! It was indeed a humbling experience! She had this remix version of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ track which was faster than the album version… Oh the agony of it!  

Meanwhile Mr A is keen for me to go again…..

I’m telling myself that when I finally go dress shopping and the wedding date is upon us that I will be ever grateful at all the exercise I will have done by that point!

The moment of truth

*Fearful look on face*

I have been talked into going to a Step class this evening after work with Mr A’s mum!

It goes for a full hour!


For those of you who don’t know I am not particularly partial to exercise – I do it only as a means to an end in that I heartedly acknowledge that without some physical activity my Arab genes would take over and turn me into an overly rounded falafel!

I suppose I should be grateful in that at least this means I may look slimmer in my wedding dress(es)! And that it will mean that I may actually be able to engage in the odd serving of winter comfort food!

I even went for a brisk walk Sunday morning for around a good 45 minutes… wonders will never cease my dears… wonders will never cease!

Let’s forget about the fact that I had fish & chips for dinner Saturday night AND a small piece of caramel slice for dessert…

I’ll let you know how much agony I’ll be in tomorrow – wish me luck!

My New Wii…

Hehehe – I am very much into my new Wii at the moment!

We got it on Sunday and I am hoping that I will be able to maintain an almost everyday ‘attendance’. I think that the only day that I will not be able to use it will be on the Wednesday night as this is generally the night I go for dinner at mum’s place!

Quick mum update: my mum’s aunt died the other night; she was in her very late 80’s (posibly early to mid 90’s – i’m not too sure). Anyway, mum is obviously a little more than upset about it and was all crying about it last night; saying that we never know when we might die (very true) and that every minute counts (true also) and that this is why you should always do what your mother asks and that at least this lil old lady passed on with all her children & grandchildren nearby. I told her that she had led a long life and that i remember her always being happy… that it was a beautiful thing that all her children were nearby; but that this is why people shouldn’t hold grunges and accept the choices their adult children make and be happy that they are happy and love. i was pretty much told to ‘be quiet’ at that point because her crying got more intense where she said that she wasn’t telling me this because she wanted to start a fight with me. Ugh!!! *Hands thrown in the air from the whole frustration of it all!* Anyway; I’m digressing – after she heard the news and was all upset about it she then proceeded to call my (actual) aunt where they both exchanged condolences etc. She (my aunt) then asked how I was doing and that my mum should talk to me about it so we could pray together. My mum then advised that I wasn’t there anymore and that I had just left her alone. I asked mum if she had told my aunt why I wasn’t there but apparently she (my mum) didn’t think that that was important! Ugh – one more person whom my mum has made me out to be an ungrateful, disrespecting daughter! The only odd thing that I can think of is that I am surprised that said aunt hasn’t called or messaged me to ask what’s going on??? Very strange indeed… I wonder if deep down they know that my mum is more than highly strung and can be a touch of a handful????

So back to my Wii Fit – I must say that I am a little surprised at how good it actually is and how tired a felt after the hoola hoping exercise!!! I even managed to unlock a new aerobic exercise and a new yoga move! I am very into the yoga actually – Mr A is a little annoyed that I am quite a bit better at the yoga than he is and that my posture and my centre of gravity is pretty much spot on…. its so funny to watch because he throws a little ‘tanty’ (tantrum) and gets all ‘fired up’ that I might actually be better at something than him… hmm – competitive a touch??? I tried to explain how all those years of dance I did has attributed to my good posture and my centre of gravity but he would not hear of it – claiming that since he goes to the gym every other day that he should be getting higher scores at all exercises (comparative to me).

It’s actually rather funny to watch – you should have seen him doing the hoola-hooping yesterday… when I did it he was like “oh; that’s so easy – you need to swing your hips more… hips, sweetie… SWING MORE!!!” while I was swinging (as though my life depended on it) wanting to seriously clobber him…

You should have seen him when he got on! I gave him more grief when he wasn’t ‘extending’ himself properly… hehe – he was less than impressed! He can clearly dish it out but receiving it is a whole other matter!