The baby that won’t sleep

What’s happened to my baby? She’s now eight weeks and the last two days have been chaotic!

I blame the “festive” season & the heat here in Aussieland… Our place sadly has no air-conditioning; which seemed an ok money saver when we were building but now we’re in the house & summer has arrived it has NOT been fun for hubby (strangely I deal better with the heat – hubby is certain this is because of my “desert people” heritage!) and now with baby I must admit I feel terrible for her… Especially since she can’t seem to get a decent sleep unless she’s swaddled (have you tried to swaddle a baby in 40degree Celsius heat?).

So, back to the baby – for the last week any semblance of “routine” has been thrown out the window… Hubby’s been off from work & likes to go out so that already affects lil Amira’s routine with me, then there was Christmas day (+night) at my inlaws which meant a SERIOUS disturbance to her sleep structure… Then boxing day at my mothers then dinner that night at the inlaws, then there were other get togethers we had to attend & let’s not get me started on the new years+birthday party we had to attend…

And now I am back at square one again I feel… With a baby who I’ll have to go through the “cry it out” method for a bit as over the last week she’s been molly- coddled by everyone who goes “Ooohhh isn’t she cute?” and wants to touch & hold… *sigh*

Then yesterday I noticed that getting her down in the daytime was beginning to NOT happen… Like, three quarters of the day from 9am to 8pm was spent with her being awake… Is this normal? Shouldn’t she be sleeping more? Isn’t that why they say it’s ‘eat, play + sleep’ not eat, play, eat, play etc… Seriously it’s enough to make me run from the house in frustration! To make me really test my patience my mum will continuously call me during the day… At first I tried answering each call – thinking that maybe if I DID speak to her once a day she’d be satisfied, but then she’d be like “oh, I’ll talk to you later on this afternoon ok?” to “come over again tomorrow with the baby…” to “why don’t you & the baby sleep over sometime” to her wanting to talk to me 3-4 times during the day… I mean what ELSE is there to talk about? And just because I’m officially not at work doesn’t mean I have nothing to do – I have a bloody newborn baby to contend with!

So – if anyone has any advice or hope for me; especially in relation to daytime no sleeping baby I would VERY MUCH appreciate it!

Lets all see dead people!

Bloody Susi – bloody Susi and her Ghost Whisperer! Thursday night is my TV night – I relish my Grey’s Anatomy and comfortably watch Private Practice (although I do watch Private Practice it does sometimes leave me a little bit cold). Generally I only catch the end of Ghost Whisperer (as it’s on just before Grey’s) with Susi being the avid ‘can’t miss an episode’ fan amongst us (I reserve that for Grey’s)!


So imagine my surprise when I discover that Susi is missing up a chance to see Ghost Whisperer for ‘Clingon’!!! Imagine! Well – clearly there is something happening there that she is remaining tight lipped about!! Hehe – sorry susi – but I thought I would ‘verbally’ put that out there in the blogsphere!


Imagine still the oddness of it all when I find myself interested in watching this episode of Ghost Whisperer – now I can’t remember all the characters names but essentially Jennifer love Hewitt’s  character (Melinda) is dealing with the ghost of her husband who is refusing to go to the ‘light’ and thus pass over! So let’s get this straight – he loves her soooo much he doesn’t want to go to heaven? That’s generally the gist… then at the end of the episode he jumps into some other random just-dead body who miraculously comes to life and now she has her husband back! Really??? Really???? Oh my lord – how overtly sappy and vomit-worthy is that?? Then in order to prolong the viewers misery and draw us the maximum amount of tears possible next weeks preview shows that although she has her husband back he can’t remember her and she is going to have to go out of her way to remind him of the love they share, blah, blah blah…. Only for her to realise that maybe he’s not the man she was married to after all – phew!


I mean really people???? Where do I go with this??? Really?


Then when grey’s anatomy is on I am having to sit flabbergasted at the notion that dead Denny is now ‘haunting’ Izzie and that they get down and dirty??? Really??? Have all the script writers gone mad? Are we thinking that since people are in on this whole human and vampires having sex (twilight series) that we’ll happily accept it as commonplace in another other series?


I mean really! I am amazed – torn between the comical-ness of it all and the innate madness of it all!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Oh MY god! I watched this movie last night with Mr A and his sister and let me tell you something – pack the tissues!!!!


Seriously people – prepare to cry… I could not believe how choked up I got! I left the cinemas with an empty box of popcorn and a drenched tissue!!! I will not get into the movie in case any of you will leave angry comments with me giving things away! But I will say this; if you liked The Notebook you’ll like this! It was a tad long though – but I suppose it was a FULL account of the whole man’s bloody life!


But onto something that happened just before the movie:


Every now and again Mr A does something that truly makes me realise just how lucky I am to have him. How truly wonderful a man he is and how my mum has no idea what she’s talking about when she doubts what we share.


It had been hot all day so we all went to the movies in short sleeves – once we all go into the cinema and the lights dimmed and the previews began someone obviously thinks that this is the part where movie patrons want to be frozen to their chairs! I was beginning to get cold thinking how on earth I was going to survive just over two and half hours sitting here… Mr A leaned over;


Mr A: sweetie, are you going to be cold?

Me: umm…. No… I mean its a little cold, but I think I should be okay… don’t worry about me (*inside I am thinking ‘oh my god, it’s going to be ssssooo cold in a hour!*)

Mr A: Are my keys in your bag? Can you get them for me please? I need to get something from the car…

Me: Yeah, they are (*now rummaging for keys in the dark in my handbag*)… but you’ll miss the beginning of the movie if you go now…


Mr A didn’t listen, took his keys out of my hand and left for a few minutes…


He came back with his jumper for me to wear….


“I don’t want you to be cold baby” was what he said when he gave it to me!


It’s the small things that count… just one more reason why I love him so much!


PS. Before you think that he meanly got me a jumper and left his sister shivering in the cold he demonstrated just how wonderful he is by bringing her his football jersey so she wouldn’t feel too cold either…