Muslim-world Problems…

I have JUST had the funniest conversation that can ONLY be had in the Muslim/Arab world!

Got a call from a mobile number that I did not know – I answered thinking:


“Assalamu alaikum Farah, this is Isa; I got your phone number from my sister.  I am friends with your brother and need to contact him but don’t have his number with me on this phone. Could you please either give me his mobile or pass on a message to him for me?”

Me: “alaikum salaam – um; I think you have the wrong Farah – I don’t have a brother….”

Isa: “oh – sorry… which Farah is this?”

Me: “that’s ok… which Isa is this?”

Isa: “its Isa XXXXX” (that’s obviously not his surname)

At this point I had worked out which Isa it is and we start to have a good chat (and a chuckle) as to who we are and ask each other’s respective family’s and how old our little babies are etc…

I got off the phone and could not help but smile and think: definitely Muslim-wold Problem!


Silence is golden…

Silence... i KILL you!

Silence... i KILL you!


How was your weekend people?

I had a conversation with Susi a few days ago where she said that her Friday days are the countdown to her weekend; in response I said that my Saturday days are the countdown to my Saturday night. That being said I spend my Saturday days running errands with my mum; going grocery shopping with her and essentially spending the whole day with her (on Saturday night I escape to see Mr A and have a blissful few hours of either chatting, watching TV or going to the movies or having a lovely meal at a scrumptious restaurant). Every now and again my mum and I will have a lovely day rendering me speechless and making me realise why I continue to hope that perhaps just maybe our Saturday will be lovely. And then there are others – where I count the milliseconds to 6.30pm when I ‘dash’ to my car faster than the speed of light!


Saturday just gone was one such day; it started well enough. One of mum’s friends came over and I left them to do (I am overcome by temptation to say something to he and rather than ruin a day I have to spend with her I would much rather keep silently holed up in my bedroom with books and my TV). I left the confines of my room just before she (mum’s friend) was about to leave; said my hello’s and answered some burning government question that she needed answer. She hugged me goodbye saying that I would make a lovely wife to some lucky man one day – I have no idea where this came from and I was sooooo tempted to say “actually, I in the midst of organising my engagement party” but instead just smiled and said “well, once I get a wedding date I’ll be sure to get you an invitation”.


Upon her departure my mother turned to me with “if you want to make this day bad just keep hurting me; you always find a way to say words that feel like a knife in my heart. If you be like this, better we not go out today at all.”


My response was far-fetched and fuelled by frustration and the desire to (essentially) just be left alone; “since I am not allowed to mention anything about him and you’re worried about me talking for the rest of the day I will only say ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘where do you need to go to now?’ how does that sound?”


Imagine my surprise when she said “sound good.”


So that was my Saturday day – I did end up saying something more than those 3 options when my mum made a lovely comment over the fact that I had a nice relaxing compilation R&B CD on:

Mum: you know, I am in the car making dua while you listen to music it shows that you are just about this dunia (translation: world) while I looking to the future thinking about Allah.

Me: are you trying to tell me to turn off my music now?

Mum: no, no… its ok – Allah gives us more reward when situation is harder.

*I turn off the music because seriously I just cannot be fucked anymore*

Me:  *silence*



Next Saturday I am toying with the idea of bringing my MP3 with me!!