I Get Things Done!

Its been awhile since I wrote anything – thanks so much Tasneem for bringing to my attention my lack of writing and updating! I don’t think it’s been all because of the “Hiba situation” as for the most part she is certainly out of my mind!

So what else has been happening? Lately I have been engrossed with the “Family Bali Trip” – comprising of roughly 3 weeks in Bali. We are all going from different lengths of time: we all leave together, Adam and I, Tony and Teena (my in-laws), Charles (Mr A’s uncle), his wife Sam and their 2 children + my best friend Susi. Charles, Sam and the 2 as well as Susi are staying for 10 days, once they leave Tony & Teena then stay on an additional 2 nights and then once they leave Mr A and I stay on for an extra 5 days for us to (finally) have our alone time! We are SO excited!

Let me tell you that planning this trip has been an effort in amongst itself! my mother in law is a social butterfly – which is both great and tiring; I am a helper and like to organise things (I think it comes from having to arrange and organise everything for mum in recent years PLUS a knowledge of if I arrange and organise things then at least I know it gets done!) which means that a LOT of running around was done!

When we first thought of this trip as being a group excursion there was a point where it was getting bigger than Ben Hur – Teena and Mr A kept inviting people and family with other people consistently emailing me to find out how much to would cost, changing dates, asking a million questions about the hotel… you catch my drift! At one point the people count was at 14 from numerous other states in Australia…. My poor travel agent deserved a bonus for all the constant changes I was having to arrange!

Not to mention the issue of payments! OMG – do you think all payments were made on time? hell to the no! Do you think that I emailed and SMS’ed everyone saying “next payment is due on XY date” – of course…. Do you think this occurred? No! Ethnics I tell ya – we are on a timetable all of our own – its almost like a due date is purely a guide and definitely flexible! Apart from Susi everyone made payments late – the funniest thing is Susi and I are the youngest (do all the arrangements for both Mr A & I – hehe; aren’t I a good wifey?)! It must be because we both work for government departments that has ensured our timeliness – that or the fact we both come from ethnic backgrounds where we are keenly aware the stereotype is that we are never on time with anything and have thus decided to rebel the stereotypical ethnic mentality!

So FINALLY everything was booked and paid for! I picked up all tickets – Teena then asks me if I have arranged holiday insurance for us all and how are we getting to the airport! Hmm – me thinks my keen organisational skills have rendered everyone else in the family inept to do anything else!

Mr A overheard this discussion along with the ‘list’ of things that Teena has planned to get done whilst in Bali (but that is another story) and decided to intercept:

Mr A: what are you doing mum?

MIL (mother in law): What do you mean? There are just a few things I need to get done while we are away and I just wanted to make sure if everything for the trip was organised…

Mr A: no, that’s not what I mean – I married her already – she’s my support crutch not yours… get your own!

MIL: what are you going on about?

Mr A: my wife does stuff for me – that’s the rule; get dad to do stuff for you! if you tire MY wife out with organising stuff for you who’s going to help me? no one – ask dad; that’s why you married him…

MIL: But tony doesn’t speak Indonesian and he won’t want to come everywhere with me…

Mr A: that’s not my fault… you have to make him… she’s mine… and you can’t have her all the time…

Haha…. Mr A has a thought process all this own!

Protected: White Water Rafting & Buggying: Bali photos II

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Wanna see some photos???

Hey people – I have FINALLY gotten off my proverbial and gotten all my holiday snaps on CD! I have posted my most recent exploits (+ photos taken in the last 2 weeks in a separate [protected] blog post) which include family dinners, my birthday and swimming with dolphins in Part1 of the Bali Photos… as you may also see it IS password protected. SO for those who do not yet have the password and would like it send me your requests (with the obvious email address) and I shall give you the details!

To those who already have the password – enjoy the viewing… feel free to add your comments and I’ll be popping more on the blog in the next couple days (it’s late and I am tired – me thinks this may be sufficient for tonight!)

PS: Part II of the Bali photos include the muddiness that Mr A got me into – Buggying is a dirty pastime! Pictures of us white water rafting (i still cannot believe that Mr A managed to convince me to so that) and more holidaying activities!

Protected: Part 1: Bali Photos (dinner + dolphins)

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I’m Back!

We got back on Friday afternoon – it was such a blissful 2 weeks; warm, sunny lazy days spent by the pool. Walking from Seminyak down to Kuta almost everyday and then back to our hotel. We did HEAPS of walking; I cannot begin to tell you how amazed we both were at the amounts of walking we did…

The hotel was FANTASTIC – we stayed at The Breezes, the staff were lovely and friendly and really helpful.

Mr A and I arranged a few activities (meaning Mr A told me what he wanted to do and I arranged the activities!) that involved white water rafting (this was purely a Mr A idea – but by the end of it, although we were all wet and tired I loved it!), buggying (through muddy tracks and through 3 local villages) which I think Mr A was entertained at his “how muddy and dirty can I get my mrs?” challenge! Needless to say we finished this VERY dirty indeed – and by “we” I mean primarily me!

The BEST excursion was when we both went to see (and swim with!!!!!!) the dolphins… in the next couple of days i’ll write more about the antics we got up to and pop on some photos of us and our trip as soon as i download them to my computer (I have scheduled it in for this Saturday!)

Stay tuned folks… and before i forget: THANKS for ALL the wellwishes (for said trip) and your visits here in my absence!

My Trip and Mum

You know how i am off to Bali tomorrow? Well – you guys are all one step in front of my mum! I have not even told her… i had thought about it. Seriously i had – but then i knew how it would go – how she’d be disappointed and sad and that she MUST see me and blah, blah, blah… so instead i DID mention to her sometime ago (probably about a month back) that Mr A and i were intending to head off to Indonesia… you should have SEEN the look on her face as she thought i was heading off to Jakarta and was obviously wondering how she was going to ‘create’ some lovely concoction of a story about me and Mr A…

Anyway; i seriously cannot be bothered with all the mayhem anymore – its all a little too ‘much’ and melodramatic for my liking; she has sid a few things of late (more than once) that has upset me SO much that i don’t even think i can write about it at the moment! I will let you know once i am over it!

Rather than let things fester and let myself feel more like crap i decided to play around with dates when i was planning this trip…. in case you all didn’t realise (not that you would) BUT….



This was (in NO way) an accident – it was actually purely purposeful – i seriously couldn’t deal with spending mother’s day pretending that we’re a happy family of 2 with her; it would seem BEYOND hypocritical to me… BUT at the same time i couldn’t think about not spending mother’s day with her when i knew she was only20 minutes away. Then I thought about my birthday (on the 12th of May people) and how i knew it would create an issue with Mr A and his parents who would want to do something for it and my mum would not want to come/be there BUT she would expect me to be there with her instead… and then i would inevitable end up having a fight with one or all of them!

So this was my solution!


I shall take heaps of photos – I am generally a rather snap-happy photo-taker! I know it has been ages since I posted any pics on my blog but I WILL be doing so once i get back… PROMISE

I will TRY to get a spare minute away from Mr A and post a few bits and pieces on my blog – failing that i will pop on some twitter updates… something to try and let the blogsphere know that all is alive and well!

Well people – tomorrow i am off! Tonight i am headed to the movies with Mr A and some of his friends to watch Ironman II….

Talk to you all soon!

P.S Mr A has told me that i am NOT to make friends on this trip – i am notorious for being friendly and end up organising ‘stuff’ for us and new friends to do which (apparently) annoys Mr A… grrr – we will see how long i can go without forging a holiday friendship!

P.P.S Mr A is MOST excited about the prospect of riding an elephant… he asked me today if there was ANY way we could arrange for him to ride a tiger (bless him)! i told him that i was pretty sure that they are NOT meant to be ridden and that if he TRIED that he may get eaten… no amount of bibery would save him then!

P.P.P.S Funny other thing that Mr A asked me today? 1) Will they have ATM’s over there and 2) Will they have internet over there – again i thought: *bless*… then smacked him across the head and told him that we were NOT going to a 3rd world country and that i would hazzard a guess that even THEY (3rd world countried) have internet in the major cities these days!

The Countdown Begins

What a glorious week ahead I have!

So I am at work today and tomorrow trying to get HEAPS of work done! Monday (yesterday) was a public holiday (it was ANZAC day) so obviously there was no work to hurry off to (although lets not confuse that with thinking that I all I did was relax!). BUT then on THURSDAY I have the WHOLE day off!!!!!!


But it ONLY gets BETTER… on Friday Mr A and I are off to BALI!!!

Sun, rest, lazing by the pool, shopping, elephant rides, shopping, eating, shopping and eating more awaits us for 2 blissful weeks!

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