This time last year…

I CANNOT believe it is ALREADY October! October people… Where did the last year go? At the end of the month my lil cherub will be a year old… 1 YEAR OLD! It is maddeningly clichéd & scary how quickly time flies. It was this time last year I was having my last day at work and was nervous/hesitant/excited for the arrival of our little girl.

I remember the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy; I wasn’t that woman exclaiming “I’ve had ENOUGH, get this baby outta me!” but rather I think in the last 6 weeks I discovered that I LOVED being pregnant and having this human inside of me moving, playing, responding to my touch. I had so many melancholy moments where I wished I could keep her attached to me for ever… it was only really in the last week where I really felt huge, where going from a sitting position to standing required effort and I had to ‘hold’ the bottom of my belly if I stood up for too long.

I look at Amira now and I am amazed how fast she’s growing and am so hopeful for her and our lives together as a family. At the back of my mind there are so many fears that I have – will she realise how much I love her? Please let her be God-fearing, kind and good to her parents… will she realise the importance of education and constantly strive to better herself?

She’s 11 months now and I can already see little bits of personality shine through; how (for the most part) she is a pretty ‘cruisey’ child – she’s not fazed by much and is quite relaxed about most things; she’s not easily agitated and has always been placid. She’s an observer; when we get together for mothers group I notice how the other little girls are far more ‘rough and tumble’ – they attack toys and jump straight into ‘giving things a go’. Amira will watch them, observe then then decide from there. She’ll hold a toy and REALLY look at it; pass it from one hand to the other and then play with it. She seems to be a quiet, persistent achiever – I’ve noticed this on more than one occasion but it was never more evident than when she learned how to stand herself up against the sofa. She’s a happy baby but doesn’t laugh at everything – she makes you work for her laughter which I find so enduring.

Even as I type all that I can see her so clearly in my mind’s eye; as though I am in my living room and am watching her play with her toy Dora kitchen (and not sitting in my TV room while she’s sleeping for the night), I get all teary just thinking about how much I love her (I know, SO LAME!).


Its been FAR TOO long…

I hate that it’s been far too long since I’ve jumped onto WordPress and blogged. I can’t really blame motherhood on this absence as things were tethering off pre-birth of my lil missy. If I’m honest there are actually a few ‘small’ reasons that have made it harder to both find time to blog aswell as getting online and having a little rant.

The most obvious is in fact motherhood… by the end of day when missy was a newborn I would often wonder where my day had gone! The days had all merged and mushed into one. By 3 months I swear I was running on auto pilot. Well now I’m back at work 3 days a week so I’m juggling work and motherhood which means that just as I was getting a handle of being a mum and wife I had to add work to my list of things (not to mention my continuing “tasks/errands/duties” with my own mother!

Then there is the small matter of no internet access at my house as we have (STILL) not gotten around to getting a laptop! I know; it’s as though we are in the dark ages… but really – I have not needed to even think about getting a laptop since we (finally) moved into our place! At first, hubby and I did think about getting a laptop etc but then we started other things took precedence – council rates, a new bigger TV (hubby deemed this HIGH IMPORTANCE! *yes, I did roll my eyes when he suggested it and argued its importance*), air conditioning (I thought this MORE important than another TV but he thought otherwise!), baby items, kitchen needs, baby items, hospital costs, baby items… you get the drift! Anyway, the laptop seemed even MORE unimportant once baby got here and that by the time she was asleep for the night, the last thing I wanted to do was jump online (all wanted to do was sleep myself – or get laundry done); I found that everything like my banking etc. was more than sorted by using my iPhone and now my android…

So that’s my excuse… again, I am sorry – and I will try to be a little more proactive and consistent in the blog-sphere as, truth be told I HAVE been feeling guilty about ignoring my blog… Aside from my work, it is one of the few things that is wholly and SOLEY my own and is NOT infiltrated by hubby or anyone else for that matter!

So – next blog post… holidaying with in-laws AND baby! Because when I set a bout challenging myself I make sure I do it good and proper! i Hope i see all my old followers and gain a few ‘newbies’ along the way…



Post baby body

Ok – so I know it’s been nearly four weeks since Amira was born and that I really shouldn’t be this hard on myself but I am HATING the post birth belly! I am sure that I didn’t expect to be pre-pregnancy weight right away but I certainly have been frustrated & annoyed by what seems the slllllooowwwwness of it all! This is going to sound like TMI I’m sure but I internally cringe at the way I feel my body looks now… Which can only lead me to imagine what hubby really thinks of what I’m looking like these days (I don’t believe him for a second when he says that he thinks I look “gorgeous” or “beautiful” – those are two words I am not feeling at all these days)!

About 10ish days ago I did the unthinkable and attempted to try on my Bardot skinny leg jeans – I don’t know what I was thinking; call my crazy but I was having a good day & thought I’d give it a go… Imagine my crushing disappointment when I could not button them up? I felt robbed, dejected… I know it sounds vain; okay it IS vain but being a new mum has made me realise just HOW much of who you are & what you look & feel like is taken by your lil bundle! Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t have it any other way but coupled by the things I can’t control; getting back into my (australian) size 8 jeans (I haven even thought about attempting to get into my black size 6 skinny kegs!) is something I feel I should be able to control!

Annnnyway – after another two weeks of cringing each time I opened my drawers (I swear those jeans were mocking me!) & having hubby tell me how beautiful he found me with me wanting to slap as I did NOT believe him! I decided to retry the jeans….

Whilst I can’t quite say I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight (oh how I LONG to get back that body!) I can tell you that I managed to get three of the four buttons up! The joy I felt at this is like winning a gold medal…

I leave out the fact that it did take quite some work to get the third button up & I did reeeeaaaaallllyyy have to “shimmy” myself into then with far more effort than I did before… But that’s NOT the point!


Makeup Madness

Of late I have found my current purchasing obsession is makeup… and not the ‘buy at your local Priceline store’ kind of beauty items…

It all started before the wedding – where I commenced my desperate search to attain a shine-free face that did not need me to have a compact permanently attached to my hand! Alas my oil-slick face meant that the then Garnier, L’Oreal, Red Earth and Bourjsis mis-match had to be examined as clearly they were not meeting the desired result…

So first came the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel – be STILL my heart this thing was AMAZING! One application and I literally could feel my skin mattify! A quick look in the mirror confirmed that this product was WORTH every dollar paid!

Then came the matching Clinique cleanser and Clarifying Lotion – I was a little worried to try this thing that they don’t call a toner as I had heard VERY mixed reviews! BUT it paid off – my skin looked and felt fantastic! Don’t get me wrong – its not matte ALL day long BUT normally I am constantly either having to touch up or not caring to touch up which results in more oil on my face than there is in the Arabian Gulf!

BUT with this regime I only needed to touch up 2 times…. Fantastic!

Which made me think that if I could get this result from changing my skincare regime, imagine the possible change I could experience if I did an overhaul of the makeup!

Behold the commencement of my MAC-(a)ddiction… this one I will blame on Mr A; he was the one who said I should “give it a go” and decided to start me off by actually buying my first Studio Fix compact… damn him and his generosity! I promised myself that this would be a ‘special occasion’ compact – that I would use is sparingly when we were going out or when I needed to feel particularly put together…

Two weeks later and all my Mineral Powder & Foundation had found a new home at the back of my makeup drawer as my MAC (NC 35) took centre stage…

1 week later I ran out of ModelCo primer and bought Prep & Prime – I have looked back…

2 weeks later I purchased my first bottle of Studio Fix liquid foundation – which when used with the powder provided the MOST perfect looking base… it literally looked like my face had been airbrushed!

Then came the foundation and concealor brushes… the travel-size retractable Kabuki brush and MAC’s Blot Powder…

But is doesn’t end there…

2 weeks ago I bought Napolean’s blusher and bronzer… and love them

And today I just paid for my first Benefit “Realness of Concealness”…

Oh… how I wish I had never known how good these products were…

Thankfully I have not been game enough to actually tally the price difference between what i WAS using to what i am NOW using… i am CERTAIN that in this case ignorance IS bliss!

My next item I’m looking for? The PERFECT nude lipcolor… any recommendations?

Oh how things (unknowingly) change…

This afternoon Mr A took a candid photo of me getting ready in the bathroom – it was purely him being a tool and not something i want the blogsphere to see. BUT in saying that, i scarily noticed the “slight” shift in what was on my bathroom table.

I – like most girls like to look my best. I (as a rule) do like some luxuries – some, not many – just a few to make me fell a lil special and let Mr A feel like his with a lil princess… without being high maintenance. I love MOR’s body butter – i am completely and utterly devoted to their Pomegranate line and insist that NO OTHER BRAND DOES IT BETTER! Every other day i apply the MOR butter on my entire body – i alternate between that and Nivea Q10 Body lotion (simply because i like it – yes, i may have been suckered into the marketing about Q10 but it is grossly cheaper than the MOR body butter). I cleanse (with Garnier Pure – i have oily skin), tone (with Lush tea-tree mist) and moisturise (Olay Special Effects – i mean they DO say that it fights the 7 seven sign of aging – who am i to argue with these statistics??) twice a day. I include a primer (because it is a crime NOT to prime) into my morning repotire (Model Co/Rimmel – I alternate) and bless the person that came up with powder mineral foundation! On nights out i ‘luxe’ it up a bit and use Bourjois’ Mousse Matte mineral liquid foundation….

And then things slowly started to change… In the search of trying to find make-up that would keep my shiny face NOT being shiny without having to touch up every other hour I scoured the web and makeup artists I knew to see what they recommended. I trawled websites for hours and reviews from to, Bubblegarm and ever so simply Googling “great photography make-up”. My quest led me to try and locate online stores that sold these products so that I could do it all at the touch of my fingertips – I went into Myers and David Jones on the hunt for new products – I was so ardent in my search that I am still unabated until I am certain that I have found the perfect combination that WILL render me speechless… as well as flawlessly oily-less.

And this is what I noticed… I am now no longer a mid-range gal.

Priceline was my one stop shop – it was my fortnightly essential location… now, whilst there is still a strong desire to go there regularly I notice I am racking up less points… First it was the discovery of MAC’s Prep & Prime… SOOOO much better than the Model Co and the Rimmel – alas those 2 sit now in the back of the drawer. Then came the end of the little pot of MAC Matte Gel which they gave me to sample… I begrudgingly had to admit defeat and proclaim that I DID like it… and had to buy said tube. Next was my change from Olay Special Effects moisturizer to Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel – my heart both soared and plummeted as it mattifed my face to pure perfection and required only ONE touch up at the end of my work day!!!! And then today came MAC’s Studio Fix… with the quiet intention of me returning to the MAC counter next week to get the matching liquid foundation! I forgot to mention that I am secretly hoping to try MAC’s “Mineralize” Oh the shame of it all… that THIS is what I have become now… That whilst I lament at the additional costs that i KNOW that this will create i am inspired by the sheer awesomeness of said products! That even as i type this i am wondering when i will next be able to steal a moment and try Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light as i hear it is fantastic for photos!

The oh so WORRYING thing is that when I mentioned to Mr A how much MORE this up keep would cost I thought he would tell me that I was dreaming; that this would be a ‘one-off’ and that post wedding party my skin and bauty regime would return to my once coveted L’Oreal but no – the guy LOVES it… I cannot believe how strange he is!

For the ladies out there – what is your makeup splurge?

PS I “forgot” to mention that i am slowly (but surely) overhauling my makeup brushes – meaning i have purchased a newer better Kabuki brush and am now aquiring more brushes than you can throw a brush at! Hehe

My Trip and Mum

You know how i am off to Bali tomorrow? Well – you guys are all one step in front of my mum! I have not even told her… i had thought about it. Seriously i had – but then i knew how it would go – how she’d be disappointed and sad and that she MUST see me and blah, blah, blah… so instead i DID mention to her sometime ago (probably about a month back) that Mr A and i were intending to head off to Indonesia… you should have SEEN the look on her face as she thought i was heading off to Jakarta and was obviously wondering how she was going to ‘create’ some lovely concoction of a story about me and Mr A…

Anyway; i seriously cannot be bothered with all the mayhem anymore – its all a little too ‘much’ and melodramatic for my liking; she has sid a few things of late (more than once) that has upset me SO much that i don’t even think i can write about it at the moment! I will let you know once i am over it!

Rather than let things fester and let myself feel more like crap i decided to play around with dates when i was planning this trip…. in case you all didn’t realise (not that you would) BUT….



This was (in NO way) an accident – it was actually purely purposeful – i seriously couldn’t deal with spending mother’s day pretending that we’re a happy family of 2 with her; it would seem BEYOND hypocritical to me… BUT at the same time i couldn’t think about not spending mother’s day with her when i knew she was only20 minutes away. Then I thought about my birthday (on the 12th of May people) and how i knew it would create an issue with Mr A and his parents who would want to do something for it and my mum would not want to come/be there BUT she would expect me to be there with her instead… and then i would inevitable end up having a fight with one or all of them!

So this was my solution!


I shall take heaps of photos – I am generally a rather snap-happy photo-taker! I know it has been ages since I posted any pics on my blog but I WILL be doing so once i get back… PROMISE

I will TRY to get a spare minute away from Mr A and post a few bits and pieces on my blog – failing that i will pop on some twitter updates… something to try and let the blogsphere know that all is alive and well!

Well people – tomorrow i am off! Tonight i am headed to the movies with Mr A and some of his friends to watch Ironman II….

Talk to you all soon!

P.S Mr A has told me that i am NOT to make friends on this trip – i am notorious for being friendly and end up organising ‘stuff’ for us and new friends to do which (apparently) annoys Mr A… grrr – we will see how long i can go without forging a holiday friendship!

P.P.S Mr A is MOST excited about the prospect of riding an elephant… he asked me today if there was ANY way we could arrange for him to ride a tiger (bless him)! i told him that i was pretty sure that they are NOT meant to be ridden and that if he TRIED that he may get eaten… no amount of bibery would save him then!

P.P.P.S Funny other thing that Mr A asked me today? 1) Will they have ATM’s over there and 2) Will they have internet over there – again i thought: *bless*… then smacked him across the head and told him that we were NOT going to a 3rd world country and that i would hazzard a guess that even THEY (3rd world countried) have internet in the major cities these days!

The Countdown Begins

What a glorious week ahead I have!

So I am at work today and tomorrow trying to get HEAPS of work done! Monday (yesterday) was a public holiday (it was ANZAC day) so obviously there was no work to hurry off to (although lets not confuse that with thinking that I all I did was relax!). BUT then on THURSDAY I have the WHOLE day off!!!!!!


But it ONLY gets BETTER… on Friday Mr A and I are off to BALI!!!

Sun, rest, lazing by the pool, shopping, elephant rides, shopping, eating, shopping and eating more awaits us for 2 blissful weeks!

Help – any ideas???

Could ANYONE recommend a hotel a Bali to stay in? We are hoping to head over there in late April and (apparently) i am the one who is to look for a decent hotel for us to stay at!

At this stage i am thinking that we will want to stay in either Kuta or Legian – maybe Seminyak… somewhere central with a lovely pool and within walking distance to the beach, shopping, shopping and did i mention shopping?

i am trying to NOT spend an arm + leg on this trip – i am TRYING to show Mr A that we can do an overseas holiday withouth spending a small fortune – BUT in saying that i would like to have a lovely room; spacious and somewhat impressive! i like my bedrooms to be BLISTERINGLY cold on the inside because i know it will be maddeningly hot and humid on the outside!

Any thoughts? Reviews? Do let me know – i am presently feeling dispondent as nothing is really grabbing me at the moment!


P.S: i had attempted to leave the accomdation up to Mr A BUT i have discovered that if i do this he seems to think that it is perfectly reasonable for us to spend a HEAP on accomadations… where i would far prefer to be spending said money elsewhere (*ahem* shopping anyone???)

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After Chrsitmas Sales

I went to the post christmas sals – aaahh; i love after christmas sales! the mayhem; the excitement, the buzz, the frantic and almost insane buzz you can feel as women stive to get a bargain!

The men who stand far enough away as they must clearly know by now that this time of year women in stores are like crazed animals in heat – especially within the first hour or so. After that you still feel the buzz but it sort of wears off!

Mr A is smart – he handed me my money (eftpos machines have a tendancy to shut down mid-way through the day – i worked in retail when i was in uni and came to understand that by mid-day those poor machines clearly had had enough!), kissed  my goodbye and wished me luck… and knew that it was a far, far smarter option to brave it on my own!

Indeed i must say that being the nimble and agile little short stack that i am comes in VERY handy in these instances! As i duck, ive and weave through the hordes of people; i am able to grab items stelthly between people’s waists. From experience i KNOW that change rooms will become a time waster – as i see the lines in womens clothing sterching past 30 people i am happy that i was wearing a camisole under my shirt and was able to find a “quiet” (read: corner area flooded with LOTS of women around) spot to try on shirts, kaftans and dresses.

Sadly though, i notice upon return that Mr A was the winner in my shopping expedition yeasterday! Granted i did find myself some lovely finds (read: 4 items); Susi will attest that in years past i have proved a marvel in post christmas finding of bargains AND the quantity of items! Mr A last year got but 1 shirt – and even then i must admit it was but an afterthought towards the end of our day… But this year he scored flip flops (leather ones at that!),  knee length shorts (reduced by 70%) – so naturally i bought 2! a Clavin Klien shirt (50%), 2 Ralph Lauren polos (nearly 50% off), one in green and the other a black one and a business shirt! what a stash…

Overall a decent shopping day!

And i do it all again tomorrow with Susi!!

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