I Have Moved… but i’ll still be here

Because I’m complicated like that!

Where to begin? For awhile now I haven’t been quite so avid a blogger; it’s not because I haven’t wanted to write anything or because I haven’t felt compelled to write but more that when I DO find a moment of inspiration am having to wait until my (now nearly 2.5years old) lil miss is either napping or asleep (for the night) so that I can find more than 2 minutes to myself. Even then, is not quite the case as the reality is once she’s asleep I crank myself up a speed so I can get her backpack (if she is at either daycare or the grandparents the next day) or my nappy bag for the day ahead, bring in laundry, put dishes away/load dishwasher, clean bathroom(s), toilets, pick up toys, pay bills etc… even my leisurely “watch tv” at the end of the night with hubby is filled with folding laundry! And let’s not forget that somewhere amongst all of this I am meant to find time to have a shower, find time for hubby and I AND relax? Really – there aren’t enough hours in the day… did I also mention that whilst I returned to work (albeit at 3 days a week) when Amira was but 9 months old; I since returned to fulltime work when I was a couple weeks pregnant with offspring number two (i know; CRAZY right?). Which meant riding the guilt train so many nights as I pondered/cried/lamented about how much time I was missing out on with my little angel.

Let’s not even MENTION that pregnancy number two was NOT as easy as the first one was! No, this time around I swear the indigestion and acid reflux started the second after conception and only got progressively worse. I suffered sleeplessness from being uncomfortable in ADDITION to coping with an existing child who wasn’t sleeping through the night! Pregnancy number two rendered me so nauseous I seriously thought that actually having morning sickness which resulted in vomiting was probably a better alternative to the all-day situation I was living with!
Through all of this I have come up with a hypothesis: that most women will experience a terrible and tortuous second pregnancy. I believe that the reason for an “easy” first pregnancy (because can we just admit it now: pregnancy in itself is NOT easy… EVER unless of course you’re a Victoria Secret model in which case I truly believe that they are aliens) is God’s attempt to increase the human population and continue the human race; in having a “good” first pregnancy you (both parents) will be more inclined to “go on the merry-go-round” again and make yet another baby. And then THIS is where pregnancy number two fits in: number two is population control! you seem to go through SO much more with the second pregnancy that, post birth you will be less likely to go for baby number three.

But as usual I digress!

Over the last couple years (since the birth of my lil miss really) I have noticed a shift in my blogging. Once upon a time my blog posts had lil curly me as the main character… but now I’ve noticed that whilst I am playing a key role, I am no longer the central character; It’s my kids, my husband, my role of trying to juggle parenthood with work, with extended family, with my mum, with my friends (and lastly myself) – my opinions and witty thoughts are still at the forefront of it all but I think the journey has evolved. So I’ve moved my blog; I still want to write/blog but now the purpose for this writing has changed, I DO hope I’ll see you on my new blog; that you’ll read it and enjoy it. That you’ll comment…. I MUST take a moment to say to all of you – THANK you! I can only hope that you have all enjoyed reading my blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing each and every blog. Thank you for your comments, your words, you time and your friendships; thank you for letting me vent and letting me be me and still wanting more. As I said; I SO hope you will join me at my latest endeavour:

A Journey of Mum

I don’t think i can bring myself to remove this blog; its part of me, a collection of my thoughts and experiences that’s “out there”. SO even as i know that i’m moving onto another blog i am still keeping this here. I like knowing that Days of Arabian Lives is still here… that i can check back here.