I’ve been meaning to tell you….

It’s been a long time coming…

This news is actually long, LONG overdue. I have been meaning to jump online so many times and “quickly” tell you the news but its never happened. I’ve ended up making dinner, giving Amira a shower, taking a shower myself, putting her to bed, clearing up her toys, bringing in the laundry and folding it… going to work, doing grocery shopping, picking up Amira from day care… you catch the drift.

Today I told myself that I WILL tell you – I WILL get online and FINALLY tell you all that I AM PREGNANT!

Can you believe that we are doing this again? And here is where I feel terrible for not sharing sooner… I am about 5months along!


I’m pushing out another human in early November (OH MY GOD – SOOO soon!)

ANNNNNDDD…. We know what we’re having….


Again, I am so sorry for not telling you all sooner…