Its been more than a year!

I had intended to blog for my lil missy’s first but then the time sorta just ran away with me… we had a birthday party for her and whilst I totally understood that she would not know what the heck was going on; we did it anyway… Hubby and I agreed to not go overboard and instead just do family. All in all it was wonderful and went off without a hitch. By 3pm missy was knackered… I think there actually was one person there FAR more tired than her – ME!

But aside from the birthday… I cannot believe that she is one! ONE people! HOW has the last year just flown by?


The whole week prior and after her birthday I have had some serious “moments” – I’ve been looking at Amira and been totally amazed. She is growing up before my very eyes – I see her now and I can see her personality shine through, I see her understand things around her so much more, I see her ‘thinking’, putting things together, I see her thoughtfulness… It seems like only yesterday I was judt learning how to nurse her. I used to plonk her on the bed all swaddled up and she wouldn’t move an inch and now she’s crawling at serious speed, pulling herself up, ‘walking’ while holding onto stuff… baby balling and a few other words like mama, dada, daddy, bubba, book and pointing when she wants something… my little girl is growing up and I cannot believe it!


I look at her and STILL cannot believe she is ours – she is beyond the bestest thing in our life…

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