Its been FAR TOO long…

I hate that it’s been far too long since I’ve jumped onto WordPress and blogged. I can’t really blame motherhood on this absence as things were tethering off pre-birth of my lil missy. If I’m honest there are actually a few ‘small’ reasons that have made it harder to both find time to blog aswell as getting online and having a little rant.

The most obvious is in fact motherhood… by the end of day when missy was a newborn I would often wonder where my day had gone! The days had all merged and mushed into one. By 3 months I swear I was running on auto pilot. Well now I’m back at work 3 days a week so I’m juggling work and motherhood which means that just as I was getting a handle of being a mum and wife I had to add work to my list of things (not to mention my continuing “tasks/errands/duties” with my own mother!

Then there is the small matter of no internet access at my house as we have (STILL) not gotten around to getting a laptop! I know; it’s as though we are in the dark ages… but really – I have not needed to even think about getting a laptop since we (finally) moved into our place! At first, hubby and I did think about getting a laptop etc but then we started other things took precedence – council rates, a new bigger TV (hubby deemed this HIGH IMPORTANCE! *yes, I did roll my eyes when he suggested it and argued its importance*), air conditioning (I thought this MORE important than another TV but he thought otherwise!), baby items, kitchen needs, baby items, hospital costs, baby items… you get the drift! Anyway, the laptop seemed even MORE unimportant once baby got here and that by the time she was asleep for the night, the last thing I wanted to do was jump online (all wanted to do was sleep myself – or get laundry done); I found that everything like my banking etc. was more than sorted by using my iPhone and now my android…

So that’s my excuse… again, I am sorry – and I will try to be a little more proactive and consistent in the blog-sphere as, truth be told I HAVE been feeling guilty about ignoring my blog… Aside from my work, it is one of the few things that is wholly and SOLEY my own and is NOT infiltrated by hubby or anyone else for that matter!

So – next blog post… holidaying with in-laws AND baby! Because when I set a bout challenging myself I make sure I do it good and proper! i Hope i see all my old followers and gain a few ‘newbies’ along the way…



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