While i was away…

My mum came into my office to see me on Friday 30/04/2010 (I left Friday afternoon but had taken the Thursday off to pack and make sure that all things like holiday insurance, etc were sorted!). I spoke to her on the Saturday to tell her that I was away – to NO avail! Upon trying to tell her she cut me off telling me that she did not want to hear anything that would make her have a car accident (as she was in the car). so I didn’t tell her…

The first week went by and I called her on the Wednesday as apparently she had come into my office on the Tuesday to give me my early birthday present. I told that although I was thankful that she had gotten me something, that all I had wanted (as I had previously told her) was for her to finally accept my decision and accept Mr A. She responded with her usual reference to satan (aka Mr A) and not accepting him. I got off the phone to her and told Mr A that I had still not told her –  he called me chicken poo and told me that I needed to call her back and just tell her…

I called a few days later – mother’s day evening (from outside Discovery Mall, Bali) and listened to her tell me about her problems, what she needed and what I must do for her when I come over, about her doctor’s appointment in July, about how no one had come to visit her on mother’s day, etc – I cut her off and told her that I could not talk to her for very long as the call would cost a small fortune from Bali and that I WAS calling to wish her a happy mother’s day.

I then had to hear her go on about how she thought I was going to Jakarta – I told that I had said to her that Mr A and I were intending to go to Indonesia, I never stated which part! She then went on (and on) about how Bali is predominantly not Muslim and why would I go to where there are no Muslims? I told her that there were Muslims everywhere; that a lot of Muslims come to Bali – that in fact she used to live there! She commented that thi was before she went for haj and that I should know better – that who knows what food I was eating. I said to her that I think she forgets that I speak nearly fluent Indonesian and that I know exactly what meat we are eating! I told her AGAIN that I had previously already told her to stop coming into my office as it undermines my professionalism and makes me looks bad. I got off the phone feeling terrible, frustrated and annoyed and wanting to take photos of the many Hijabi’s and Arabs I saw and send copies of them all to my mum.

I heard nothing from her on my second week.

I didn’t call her at all…

I returned (to Aussie-land) on Friday afternoon and did not tell her.

I spent all weekend doing my own thing and was blissfully happy at the fact that I did not have one single missed call from her (I normally have her call me often) – that when my phone did ring I wasn’t all anxious or distraught about the imminent guilt trip my mm would dish out to me.

I returned to work on Monday and discover that my mum (after talking to me and finding out that I was in Bali) had come into my office 2 more times; one of which was on Thursday to find out when I was coming back – the guy on reception did not know and told her that he was not sure when I was returning.

The irony is that on Sunday Mr A and I sat on the sofa watching a DVD with him telling me that maybe I should visit my mum – tell her that I’ve come back and that I’m ok. The shocking thing is that even after being away from her and not going to see her since January (aside from the times she has seen in my office) I don’t want to see her. I am not angry with her, not at all. I am just tired of it all… SO beyond tired of the repetitive crap that she keeps giving me; the same comments, the same tears and the same emotional intensity that makes me want to move across the country/change jobs/change my number, etc.

But even in saying/writing the above paragraph there is another part of me that wonders why I haven’t heard from her in about a week. A part of me that says a prayer for her hoping that she is ok and hoping that Allah opens her heart to accepting me as I am and the decisions that I have made. And then there is this part of me that wants to call her – not to have a conversation with her as I know that that is unlikely but rather just to hear her voice (sans lamentations) just to know that she’s ok.

But THEN I am overcome with curiosity and against my better judgement I read the birthday card she gave me. Why do I bother? Sentences not particularly worth mentioning include:

“So sad that someone forgot my birthday last time or not ring me – maybe not allowed to send me anything – I know Satan is very strong in your place”

Numerous references to about me and “latnatallah” (it’s a muslim thing that I cannot really explain)

“what you are doing is a big sin and Allah will teach you a lesson”

Comments about how she will be patient and wait for me to come home as God loves those that are patient

That she is my real mother and cannot believe that I am doing this and why won’t I just come home?

Mum had also included some story about how some friend of mine (when I was 14; she was 17 and had a car) took me out and we went to Fremantle and to the beach and that when we came back home late she was really angry/upset and told me that I was not allowed to talk to her anymore and how now look at her life? How she is still single (as far as mum knows) and that she cannot be happy as she lives away from parents etc.

Really – why do I bother? What else can I do to make this stop? I am really beginning to get tired of this; I am beyond frustrated of all of this… I don’t know what else to do – worst yet is that I am baffled by how she seems to still have this way of getting to me? of making me question what I am doing… and with each word that I read and morosely re-read I feel numb, more empty and more resolute at my not wanting to see her. I just want to keep walking; I want to move – I want her to move.

I tried… whilst I was away I told her that we were thinking of coming back to Indonesia in January; that she could go to Jakarta if she liked… she said that she wanted to go to Jakarta in January as long as I went with her… I told her that if she went then that we would visit her – she said she didn’t care about anyone else and that she just wanted to go with me.

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  1. ruhguzar
    May 19, 2010 @ 18:12:03

    This is so not healthy for you…Maybe if ur mom let Allah do his job then she wont have to worry about Allah teaching u a lesson. I think its gunnah , how can she decide what Allah thinks about u!! it would make me insane..
    She needs to see a doctor and get medication..somehow..and she needs to be out of ur personal life if this is how shes going to behave..


    • daysofarabianlives
      Jun 01, 2010 @ 13:41:44

      Ruhguzar: i hear you sweetie – inshallah my mum will open her eyes and her heart and realise how much what she hurts. I seriously hope she comes around… She’s got to at some point…. Right?


  2. celica
    May 24, 2010 @ 13:28:26

    hey hope u had a lovely vacation and pls do not let ur frustration leak out and ruin other things for yourself. i can really empathise as my boyfriend/fiance is in the same position – his mother is the same. i am living in mr. A’s shoes – i’ve heard the same abuses (really vicious ones about me and my family), i am just as ‘evil’, and of course, she is entitled to protect her son from me and the likes of me. he cannot have his own friends, he’s accused of being a bad muslim and an unnatural son even though he was the reason she survived till date – she had a bad marriage which broke early and my poor boy had to grow up amidst raging tempers, hatred, lack of money, etc. even though now he’s in his early 30s, and in a stable relationship and life with me, she hates it and tries to ruin it evey possible way. in the past any relationships he had, even the muslim one, she abused the women till they left. we are in india and honestly here if the girl’s family understands that the guy’s family has a problem with her, thet’d rather break it up than risk any future pain.
    result – my boy had so much pain since his childhood and it’s because she’s added to a tough life. sorry to rant but i understand ur problems and i’m so happy/hopeful seeing as how you live separately now and are on your way to marriage. may allah bless you and your loved ones and help your mother find some peace. i know because i wish and pray everyday for the same.


    • daysofarabianlives
      Jun 01, 2010 @ 13:52:58

      Celica: Firstly – welcome to my blog. after reading your comment my heart and hopes go out to you and your fiance. Wallahi i understand the sense of overwhelming anguish he must feel aswell as the sense of helpless hopelessness you must feel. Everything happens fora reason and i truly believe that even though my mum is suffocating and arduous that she truly believes that this treatment is “best” for me – sometimes thats the only thing that gets me through… As for what my mum says about Mr A – i told tell him HALF of it… It would only make things harder for him for understand her. Sometimes i get off the phone with her and i want to cry about it all.
      I thank Allah every single day that i have Mr A in my life – just as i’m sure your fiance does in relation to being glad he has you…. Stay positive -all things worth having take work.


  3. Scrumps
    May 25, 2010 @ 07:36:15

    I honestly don’t know what to say my dear. I feel awful for you. I know she’s your mother (so forgive me) btu she’s being unreasonable. I haven’t read all your posts so I don’t know the whole ins and outs but she should realise that your happiness is the most important thing. At the end of the day, there is only so much living you can do for your parents. And only so much that they can live through you. I don’t think my comment offeres any constructive advice but you have to do what’s right for you and follow your heart. x


    • daysofarabianlives
      Jun 01, 2010 @ 14:00:10

      Scrumps: thanks for your support my dear. I don’t think i really have any other options in relation to getting her to see any other point of view. To her its about what i’ve done to her, what Mr A has taken from her, that i belong to her and as her daughter i MUST do as she says. She truly thinks that i’m just meant to blindly follow – i mean seriously; why did god give me a brain if i’m meant to blindly obey?
      I just wish mum could find some sort of solace in my happiness and the knowledge that i am capable in making my own decisions… That i love him beyond words – that he always just wants to make sure i’m happy!


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