Happy New Year People!!

Happy 2010!

I wish you – whoever you may be dear reader an ultimate year! I hope that this year brings calm and peace to us all. That this is the year where we smile into the faces of loved ones and find what it is we’re looking for.

I wish us all patience – patience that if the year starts badly hat things will get better… because they do – maybe not right away; maybe not tomorrow or next week or next month but everything does get better… eventually.

I wish for understanding – that our patience will us to understand each other better. To know that not all of us are the stereotypes that we have been depicted as – to my fellow Muslims, strike up a conversation with non-Muslim scholar; find some similarities… you might be amazed at what you discover! To those who see a women wearing a headscarf/hijab in the street – smile at them – extend the (metaphorical) arm of friendship… and if she doesn’t smile back to you its not because she’s oppressed – it might be because she’s not used to it…

Inshallah this will be a good year for us all – in every way…


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