Tired just thinking about it

Well peeps – it’s Friday; the weekend is imminent and I for one will be glad once its over! Just thinking about what we’ve got planned this weekend has been exhausted. Tonight after work I am off with Mr A to help him find some new pants that he needs to match these new shoes he bought that in turn match the dress that I am wearing. This weekend we have: a wedding + reception to go to, Greek Easter and then on the Sunday we have his cousin’s baby’s christening to go to.


Before someone/anyone gets on my case about being a Muslim going to a christening and the whole ‘haram’ it may be let me say this: our beloved prophet preached respecting our fellow people of the book – if any of you want to throw down the gauntlet and request for examples or lament in opposition I am more than happy to read and respond to your comments… but I warn you – don’t get me started! Mr A’s parents and family isn’t Muslim but their still family and they more than accommodate and respect for the Muslim ideologies that have been introduced and implemented into their households. I could go on about this as I am more than a little passionate about this issue of religious harmony and cohabitation but will leave here for the sake of getting to the crust of the intention of this post.


SO, about the christening – I haven’t been to many (read: 1) so I think it’s safe to assume that I don’t have hordes of knowledge on the matter. But from what I’ve heard + the one that I went to its pretty much a church thing then back to the parents place for finger food.


Mr A’s cousin (the mother of the baby to be christened) is going seriously all out for this 3 month old. First (in the morning) is the christening at the Roman Catholic (well, they are Italians!) church (which I don’t have to go to…yay!) where said lil boy will be wearing the lil christening dress and dunked in water – I have no doubt that crying will be loud and constant post ‘dunking’!


Then we have an early lunch that is meant to go for ages. When I spoke to said cousin on Sunday she told me that each table will have a platter of salt & pepper squid for appetisers (oh my lord – how many people on each table and how many tables are there really going to be???) which is when the waiters will take our choices for the main meal (what the??? Is this normal??) Which is a choice of either freshly made Gnocchi or rib-eye steak or a swordfish dish. After that we have the option of either tiramisu or some other dessert which as of Sunday seemed like would be gelato. Does anyone else besides Mr A and I see that this is madness – its for a baby who is 3 months for goodness sake! We’re getting this feast while he gets milk…. And its formula at that!


More and more I (as well as Mr A) am seeing that this little boy is going to grow up a whiny brat who will cry and throw tantrums to get what he wants (as it’s working already and he’s only 3 months old)!


At lunch on Sunday every time so much as a peep was heard on the baby monitor his mum would get up and check on him. at one point for a good 40 minutes the only female at the table was me as all other females (baby’s mother, her sister, the baby’s grandmother, Mr A’s mum and another aunty) were in the nursery trying to calm him down… when I asked what the frig was wrong with him (besides being molly-coddled to death)  the baby’s dad (who wasn’t worried at all) said that he (the baby) was all grumpy because he hadn’t done a poo all day!


OH MY GOD! I felt like getting up into that nursery and telling them to leave him alone – none of their actions are going to make him take a dump! When Maria (baby’s mother) did finally come down I asked how she got the baby to sleep “oh, I had to rock him in my arms until he fell asleep”!!!!


The funniest answer came from Mr A’s mother when I lamented to her that all this ‘fussing’ was actually not good for the baby and his long term development (gee – developmental psych much?): “well, my grandchild won’t be like that!”


Sheesh…. I can honestly say that Mr A and I are more than excited when the weekend comes to a close!


I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say this but bring on Monday!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susi Spice
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 05:09:20

    not too sure about this constant dunking business but all the catholic christenings ive gone to its just a little water drizzled on the babies forehead… no dunking.. the poor child would get a cold! haha.

    but at least enjoy the food, sounds like it will be fab. As i said to you yesterday, when the baby is 10 years old and wants an all out dragonballZ party the mother will turn around and say “seriously do you have any idea how much we spent on your christening??? ur not having a dragonballZ party” and he will reply “yes u always tell me about my christening but you forget.. i was on a bottle drinking formulated that kept me collic!”


  2. daysofarabianlives
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 06:21:37

    Susi: I went to Alisha’s baby’s christening (they’re Greek orthodox) and there was this LARGE goblet (I can’t remember if it was silver or gold – Denise was there also; maybe she’ll remember?) that I had wondered if it was real (???) anyway Matilda (the baby) gets fully dunked then oiled up… I will say though that I was later told that she had the best nights sleep that evening. Alisha’s mother said it was because Matilda was now closer to God – me & Alisha think it was all the stressed involved with being dunked in a goblet of water by a stranger in a white robe whilst no one attempted to save her; being naked in front of everyone and then being all oiled up!


  3. Ramona
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 13:41:14

    As an Italian, I can confirm that we are indeed insane. My niece was baptised a few months ago and my sister and brother-in-law had a reception of no less than 75 people with a 5 course meal. For a baby. It’s ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on my sister’s wedding!


  4. isheeta
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 15:55:32

    “none of their actions are going to make him take a dump”
    hhahahahahhaahahaahahhaa oh I just had to imagine you saying this and your hands up in the air as resignation.. too funny!


  5. daysofarabianlives
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 05:43:31

    Ramona: oh my god – there was so much food I thought I would write up a whole post about it… the one about the wedding will come soon! But yes – I agree that it was a little much for a baby! I have jokingly told Mr that we should arrange for our wedding reception to coincide with a baby christening in order to save some money! Hehe

    Ish: you have no idea – at one point one of the men asked me why I wasn’t in there with all the other ladies? I asked him what could I really contribute to the already numerous women’s opinion? I figured if the babies dad wasn’t fazed then really why should I be?


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