Its all about Brad…

Listen Up Peeps!

My friend and work colleague Brad is creating his own blog (insert loud applause here).  I’ll give you the quick info about Brad & his Blog!


His concept is due to the ‘interesting’ questions that some dear readers pop into search engines to get to my blog… for some reason I think there a LARGE proportion of individuals who seem to think that Google (and the like) is a psychic fortune teller who will finally tell you when your man will propose! You cannot believe how common a question this is that leads individuals to my blog… there are other strange questions that include (but are no where limited to):


A) Where to find hot Arab men (ok, I am engaged now but seriously, if I had that answer I may have been engaged a lot sooner AND be pleasing my mother/family all in the one hit!)


B) Hairy Arab men (hmmm – its part of their DNA chickies – either learn to love it or introduce them to the art of waxing!)


C) Hot Arab girls (hehe – well, you’re reading the blog of one so I suppose I’ll let that one go!)


Rather than go on and on (because there are some seriously odd ones… stranger still that there are some really R-rated ones that make me think that “what the?”  and that some people really need to get a hobby!) I think I will quickly give you a basic idea of brad’s blog….


In order to cater to those who wish ask questions to their search engines brad will cater to YOU! He will answer your questions in only the most honest and hilarious of ways that only brad can! I am more than looking forward to see what he comes up with (as he rather of an icon in our department)!


To get him going I think I may pass on a few little questions to him…


If you’ve anything please give him a go – it’ll be funny to see what he comes up with!


To see read Brad pearly words of wisdom go to:


Or see my blogroll people!


I'm talking to YOU

I'm talking to YOU